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I like that word....

The World is your Oyster

The World is your Oyster

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Monday, July 6, 2009

Hummmumumumumm, Utah, here I come!

I am really really ridiculous excited to be going to Utah in a few days. We're having a family reunion with my mom's side and I just cannot wait. Of course I am excited for all the normal things associated with any family reunion....seeing the cousins and aunts and uncles and grandparents, taking family pictures, etc. But here is a short list of other things I am excited for:

1. The Oaker temple openhouse. I am pretty sure I left my recommend in Utah with all the rest of my stuff, so I haven't been in so long. I used to go every Wednesday with Jake for about a month and a half, and I loved it. And I realize that going through an openhouse is totally different from actually going through and doing baptisms or whatever, but I'm still just so excited to see the temple and be inside one. This is pretty much the first thing we are doing when we land in UT on Thursday.

2. Horse-back riding? This may or may not happen, it just depends. If we do end up doing it, it will happen on Thursday after the temple openhouse. While we were discussing the logistics and where and when tonight at Family Night (which was another circus, in case anyone was wondering), Kelly said she would be fine with going and remarked that she was excited for the pictures. She then went on to say that every time an activity comes up, she bases how much she wants to do it on the number and quality of photo ops associated with said activity. This is pretty much how I am, too. We seriously love taking pictures, as you can probably tell from my facebook, on which I have like 1700 pictures of myself.

3. BYU tour. We are hoping to do this either after the temple or the horses. I lovvve BYU and I am so excited to be going back. And of course, I think it will be so fun to show all my brothers and sisters where I take classes and eat lunch with Kelly, etc.

4. Shoots. After the BYU tour, we will go to Winnie's restaurant, Shoots, for dinner. Hopefully. Timing may be an issue but I hope we can go!

5. Seeing Jake's family! Apparently the only time we will be able to see them is Thursday night after all the stuff I just listed. But I want to see them so bad. I like, lOVe this family. I keep thinking about how much fun I had when I visited them and everyone played cards or ate or whatever. I guess I just love the sociality that exists in their home if that makes sense. Plus I think it's cool how perfectly our families match up. Jake is my age, Mekell is Nicole's age, Cole is Joseph's age, Cade is Jacob's age, and Lilly is Sarah's age. So Kelly and Julie are the only people who don't match up with someone exactly but whatever that is still so cool!

6. The talent show. After many many many years of failed efforts to persuade him, Joseph has consented to lip-synch the song "I wanna talk about me" while the sisters all dance around behind him. How funny is that going to be. Seriously! He is the first boy after 4 girls, all of whom love to talk, so his whole life pretty much has consisted of a lot of listening to girl talk. All the girls, at least, are pretty pumped about this performance.

7. The pool. There is a pool and a hot tub where we are staying and i HAVE to get a tan during this vacation. I can't tan any other time because when I'm nannying, I'm usually inside, and when I'm outside, I have to stay in the shade because Owen has super-sensitive skin and he gets sunburned really easily. I guess I couldd tan on Saturdays but I typically just sleep in instead. So I have to go swimming and get a tan here.

8. Glow dance party!!!! Studio 600 heard we were coming and they got so excited they planned a party just for US. I haven't gone dancing since, like, December. I mean I kind of went in January to the White-out, but I didn't even get in. And when I went to the Traffic light dance on Center St. in February, I don't want to count that either because I was in a terrible mood and yes. So I'm pretty thrilled about this. I'm going with Winnie and Kelly and I guess whoever else and we are going to have an amaaaazing time. I'm seriously like about to pee my pants about this.

9. The tennis courts. I am not sure where they are, but my mom was saying they will be easily accessible to us. I am determined to learn how to play tennis because if I knew how to play I'm sure it would be so fun. I mean think about it. You just wear this cute little white skirt and a white polo and your tennis shoes and your ponytail and then you go play tennis! And you get a nice tan and they have suchh cute tennis rackets, with like pink handles and all, and I think that would be so fun. Plus it's good exercise.

10. The playgrounds. When my mom read this one during family night, I am pretty sure all of the sisters were thinking the same exact shoot! It's gonna be great.

So all in all, I am very excited about this weekend. However, there is one thing I am a little bit sad about. Jake's p-day is Wednesday, and I get a letter every Friday, so this week, I will be gone when my letter comes. Which I think is a little bit sad. But other than that, I really can hardly wait!

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