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I like that word....

I like that word....

The World is your Oyster

The World is your Oyster

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Thursday, March 31, 2011


I hate that feeling you get when something wonderful starts coming to an end. And you want to make time slow down a little, but it's just so out of your control, and so insistent on moving forward. I hate goodbyes. I hate endings. It's April now, and I have two weeks left here, and I feel pukey.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Not to be a Creeper, but....

Remember that time that I posted a blog about Tuesday Night at Coldstone?

Here's a link, if you forgot about it.

Anyway, I just saw on facebook that Tuesday Night got engaged to the blonde girl! What whaaaaat, who called it?? Oh, right. That was me. I was there, you guys! I saw them on their first date and I just knew they were going to get married. Then I was like, whoa, Heather, isn't that a little extreme? I mean it's just a first date. But I guess I should have just trusted my own intuition.

It's just hard to trust my intuition when sometimes I'm SO so wrong. Like when I predict that one of my best friends will meet her husband in DC and instead she meets a bunch of tools whom I would be offended if she married. Or when I predicted that my sister would get pregnant while I was gone and the closest this comes to being true is her having a dream about getting pregnant. Or when Prince Charming is not so charming after all. Well, he is really charming, but also just really dumb.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Why I Am Hardcore

Because yesterday I went surfing. And I saw some dolphin fins. And some spinner sharks jumping out of the water. And I got THIS:

That's my arm, btw. And that's a bruise that is literally bigger than my hand. I got it because I jumped off the surf board and then it ran into me. Also because I am so hardcore that I get cool bruises like that when I have awesome life experiences that I can cross off my bucket list.

Also, just fei, I wore SPF 30 this time. And reapplied every twenty minutes. That is not an exaggeration. And I got a little bit burned, but not nearly as burned as last time. Probably because I seriously put on more sunscreen every time I turned around. And I drank way more water this time and even sat under a towel for the last two hours because I could see myself starting to turn a little pink and I am not all about getting skin cancer.

Monday, March 21, 2011

On a Side Note

Here's something dumb that you should never do unless you are a boy that hates me and wants nothing to do with me: tell me to make the first move. What the hell?? I will not. Don't try to give me your number and tell me to call you. Don't tell me to txt you tomorrow if I'm interested. Because I will immediately lose interest. And you'll never get a txt. And you'll be like, huh? I thought she was interested? She was totally flirting. Did I read her wrong? And I'll be like, No. You didn't. I just changed my mind. Because you didn't have any cajones.

I'm about to puncture the next ball that someone tries to shove into my court.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Under the Influence

You know how sometimes, someone says something, and it is said in just the right way and at just the right time, so that it has an everlasting impact on you?

Here are some things that people have said that you might not think would influence me so strongly, but they did.

1. "Time to wake up and get pretty for school!"

My Aunt Carol said this to me one morning when my parents were out of town and she was staying with us in their absence. Something changed in my brain right then. I thought, "Oh. Getting pretty? I love getting pretty!" I realized then that I have the opportunity to get pretty every. Single. Morning. I jumped out of bed and made my way over to the mirror, beaming. Getting ready for school was no longer a chore, because I wasn't just getting ready; I was getting pretty.

2. "'Will you marry me' should be the easiest question you ever answer in your life. If it's not the easiest question, it's either the wrong guy or the wrong time."

My Miamaids teacher, Sister Obering, said this in one of our many many lessons on marriage. It gave me a good deal of comfort, because I always thought that getting married would be such a stressful decision. But really, shouldn't it be easy? Shouldn't you just know that you are saying yes to the right person, and it's the right time? I like that idea a lot.

3. "You're just so comfortable in your own skin."

My roommate Olivia said this to me a few weeks ago. I'd never thought of myself in that way, and when she said that, it made me think that maybe other people don't think I'm as awkward as I think I am. Not that I think I'm so awkward or anything....I just never realized that people might think of me as someone who was obviously confident and comfortable.

4. "Heather. What if, tomorrow, you get all ready for church. And you have a beautiful dress, you do your hair all pretty, everything. And you sit down with your family and you're waiting for the meeting to start, when in walks Prince Charming. And he is so handsome, and so perfect. And he sees you and just thinks, oh, that is the most beautiful girl. I must have her. And he starts to walk towards you. And you see him coming towards you and you just think he is the best thing since toilet paper. And you can't wait to meet him. And then, right when he's about to get to you, you smile at him, and your teeth are all black, and they're falling out of your head, because you didn't brush them. And that perfect Prince Charming just thinks, Oh my. What a mistake. And he walks away. Wouldn't that be sad? Don't you think you ought to brush your teeth?"

My dad said this to me when I was about four years old. I might have been five. Regardless, for some reason that night, I didn't want to brush my teeth. And after that, I never didn't want to brush my teeth again. I mean, how traumatizing! What if my teeth did turn black? What if Prince Charming did walk away when I smiled? How awful!

I've also found myself subconsciously applying this to other things in my life. Like, when I don't want to shave my legs.

5. "You'll want a pair of headphones."

My sister Kelly said this to me when we were stuff-shopping when I first arrived in Provo for school. I didn't have an iPod then, and still don't, and I never listened to music while studying, so I didn't think I would need headphones. But hooooly cow was she right. I got a pair of headphones and used it every single day of my life after that.

6. "Sometimes, it's best if you've gone on a few dates with someone and you still don't really like them, it's best to just tell them, 'you know, maybe we shouldn't go on any more dates, I think it would be best if we were just friends.' That's okay, you know."

Sister Giles, another one of my Young Women's leaders, said this when she and her husband participated in a panel about dating for one of our activities. Sister Giles was beautiful, intelligent, and sweet, and I remember thinking that she must have had millions of boys wanting to date her at college. Of course she would have to come up with something to say to eliminate a few of them.

I was certain then that my situation at college would be far different, that I would never utter those words. I couldn't imagine that many people were as popular as Sister Giles had been. Maybe one of my friends would be that popular and I would hear stories about her turning down dates. As for myself, it didn't seem very likely that I would ever avoid a date, much less tell someone straight out that I wasn't even interested in being asked out by them again.

But now I understand that it's not even really a matter of popularity. Everyone doesn't always want to go on a date with everyone else. It's not a big deal if you realize that it's not going anywhere with one person and you tell them so. You'll both just move on and get over it. Now I think it's funny that at one point, this was such a foreign idea to me.

7. "You've got a good sub-conscious."

My Grandpa Hammer was everything from a teacher to a military man to a scientist to a hypnotist. Obviously, my brothers and sisters and I were the most intrigued by his history as a hypnotist, so we all let him hypnotize us when he came to visit us and was feeling up to it.

After one time of hypnotizing me, my grandpa said those words and gently tapped my arm, where he always tapped me to get in contact with my subconscious. I was immensely pleased, and since then, I have felt an impressive sense of control over my thoughts.

If you ever have the opportunity to be hypnotized, I highly recommend it. Your brain is capable of so much, and exploring that is a unique and invigorating experience.

8. "No projects."

I think it's pretty safe to say that this is my dad's favorite thing to say. It's the one phrase thing I've heard him say with the most frequency, other than like, "I love you" and "What's for dinner" and "Oh! Girls....Stop it. Now I mean it. Oh.....MELODY!" and stuff like that. It's in reference to boys, and the kind of boys he wants us to date slash marry.

A project is someone who you talk about and you say, "Oh he would be so perfect, if he would just stop smoking," or "control his temper," or "go to church." And then you date them with the intention of being so good and perfect yourself that you can get him to stop smoking, or control his temper, or go to church. Girls sometimes get this "Beauty and the Beast" mindset that has us convinced that the beast we are in love with will miraculously become a prince. But that isn't really true most of the time, and it causes a lot of heartache for girls who believe that they are the exception.

He started pounding it into my head at such an early age that now, I don't even consider dating boys who would be "projects." Sometimes I see my friends dating "projects" and it stresses me out.

Last year in my mission prep class, Brother Bott put a little addendum on this mantra. He said, "We are all works in progress, and we are all going to marry a work in progress. You just have to decide if this person is someone you want to work with as you both try to attain perfection." I think that is quite profound.

9. "Everyone is a potential friend."

This was my sister Nicole's piece of advice that she said when I was about to go to college. It changed my life! I got on the plane and saw potential friends. I got off the plane and saw (30 hot Utah boys and) potential friends. I went to Freshman Orientation, where I met one of my very best friends to this day. My classes were chock-full of potential friends.

I've learned to remind myself of this idea whenever I'm about to embark on a new adventure. Coming to Florida was hard, because I was leaving behind some really good friends, but it was easier, because I just reminded myself that everyone is a potential friend. Since being here, I've made friends with the people I work with. I've become friends with the people in my ward. I've met people on the bus, at the pool, and in the parks who are now my friends (on facebook, at least).

So remember this, whenever you are about to go to a party where you don't know anyone, or you are about to start a new job. Everyone is a potential friend. You never know where a friendship might form when you have this attitude.

Please don't be offended if you didn't see yourself on this list! It's just a short list, and I'm sure it is incomplete. In fact I know it is, because I don't even have anything that my mom said. My point is, you have all influenced me in more ways than I could even begin to enumerate here. Thank you :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hoe-down! (Throwwwdown)

Went to a Hoedown last night. Dressed up like a cowgirl. FROZE to death. Obviously, since I still can't even form complete sentences.

All I'm saying is, I got free food and I danced and had fun and I love hoedowns. Love them! I love when everyone wears plaid and feeds me pulled pork and chicken and potato salad and I love when people cheer because they announce an activity where four people straddle a wooden beam and then race across a field. I love lining up and dancing the cotton-eyed joe and I love being serenaded with an acoustic, slowed-down version of "Single Ladies" that sounds like Ingrid Michaelson is singing it.

The highlight of the evening for some people was when we all witnessed a proposal! This guy cleared the dance floor and danced with his girlfriend. I called it right as he was clearing the dance floor. It's like I have a sixth sense about proposals or something.

Anyway, they danced until someone stomped on the cord and the song came to a screeching halt. Taking it all in stride, the guy proposing just pulled out this big bouquet of blue flowers. Then he pulled out the ring, knelt down, and asked his girlfriend if she would marry him. She put her hands over her mouth and stood there for a minute while we all oohed and aahed and cheered.

I still don't know if she said yes but they were mackin on the dance floor in a few minutes, so whether she said yes or no, I guess he liked her answer. So it was a good time had by all.

All I'm saying is, this is the second proposal I have actually witnessed. The next one I witness had better be my own. Haha just kidding :)

PS. It's important, when speaking about the really fun event where people get together dressed up like cowboys and cowgirls and dance and eat food, that you spell it "Hoedown." Otherwise people get confused and think "Hoe [space] down? Where?"

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sticky Smile

I have some more Disney definitions I would like to share.

magical: some little girls who come in first thing in the morning and get to sit in the window seat but they refuse to talk to you at all and don't even smile when they get turned around to see themselves and you find yourself wondering why you like your job at all because of them.

morning meeting: the memory that you cling to when little girls like this are a sad reality in your morning. It was at this meeting which happens every day before the boutique opens that Rob announced that we would be getting a pizza party today!

pizza party: Heather doesn't have to eat the lunch she brought and instead gets fed. Hollllllerr, I love being fed!

cheesecake: apparently, something that Marjorie just had sitting around, so she brought it in to share with us. Aka, the most delicious thing ever. Aka, the thing that was moved from the office downstairs to the fridge in the breakroom without my knowledge, causing me to run up and down the stairs 5 times during my break, asking around as to its whereabouts, searching in freezers and cabinets and the refrigerator until I finally found it.

OSHA-reportable injury: something that would ruin everyone's life if it were to happen in World of Disney or the Boutique, but it does not ruin my life because it did not happen to me or any of the lovely people I work with. In fact, one hasn't happened in 60 days. Which is why we got a pizza party!

parade: this really wonderful thing that I haven't been on in like 2 weeks, but I went on it today, and the sun was shining, and I waved at some boy who waved back at me, and then I got nervous and went back to the Boutique without talking to him, and then he came to the World of Disney store during his lunch break to see me....

podium: where I am thrust by my FGIT friends when he comes into the World of Disney store and I spend a half-hour checking guests in and answering other miscellaneous questions while Prince Charming walks around the store, looking at merchandise and talking to the other managers.

smile: something really sticky and clingy, when your life is as happy as mine :)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Lions play hopscotch, too.

Here at Disney, if we do something especially awesome, or a kid says something especially cute, we call it a Magical Moment. I would like to take this time to share my Magical Moment of the day.


I was talking to a little girl about what else she had done today. She had gone to Animal Kingdom and I asked her what animals she had seen. I went through, asking about different animals until I got to the lions. She said she had seen lions, so I asked what the lions were doing.

She said, "I don't really know, but the daddy lion was like, on the mommy lion's back. Or something. Mom, what were they doing again?"

Her aunts immediately started giggling. Her mom said, "Oh. They were.....the lions were uh, playing hopscotch."

The little girl nodded. "Yeah, but I don't know why. I didn't know lions played hopscotch."

I said, "Don't you like hopscotch? Well then, don't you think lions like hopscotch too?"

Her mom then told me that on the safari, the tour guide had directed their attention to the lions before realizing what was going on. One of the other ladies on the safari gasped and cried out, "Oh my gosh, the children!" very dramatically. The tour guide quickly said, "OH! Yes, the lions are....playing hopscotch again. Look at those antelopes!"

So that was my magical moment today :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I hate the sun! It is so so mean to me all the time. Even when I wear sunscreen and reapply it twice, it is mean to me. I want to go home now! Ow ow owww. Where is my mom to take care of me? I am so hurty!