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My name is Heather.

I am 22 years old.

I am an East Coast girl
who also loves Utah.

I love my life. How could I not?

The world is my oyster :)
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I like that word....

I like that word....

The World is your Oyster

The World is your Oyster

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Points for Creativity

Excuse me. I know I'm supposed to be [fill-in-the-blank with any of the 100 items on my To Do list] right now, but this is important.

I'm sitting here, totally focused and in the zone and grading and getting stuff knocked off the aforementioned To Do list, and all of a sudden, I came across something that I had to blog about. Which is how I wound up here.

Today in class, we started talking about subtraction story problems. We did an activity where I passed out an index card, gave students an equation, and had them write out a story problem to go with it.

One of the index cards has this written on it:

"I have 76 bags of fake snot. I use 48 bags of fake snot. How many fake snot bags do I have now?"

.......I'm dead serious.

But wait. It's not over. I continue on to the next index card. This one says:

"Jelly has 92 balloons. She gives Peanut Butter 54. How many does Jelly have left?"

And then our fish made an appearance:

"Brad Rudolph has 92 scales. He loses 54. How many scales does he have now?"

These are pretty good, I think to myself. I start to feel all proud of my kids' creativity. And then, just when I think it can't get any better, they add some emotion:

"I had 76 Lego Harry Potter video games. I finished 48 of them! WHOOOOOO! How many did I still not finish?"

"I had 63 fish and one was named Brad Rudolph and I loved him so much and I gave 35 away but not Brad Rudolph. How many fish do I have now?"


Monday, February 18, 2013

The Perfect Valentines Day, revised

Remember that one time when I posted a blog about what I think the perfect Valentines Day would consist of?

I changed my mind.

Here's what the perfect Valentines Day would actually consist of:

this breakfast, plus blueberry oatmeal being delivered to his apartment butt-early in the AM

this note stuck under the beautifully-scraped off windshield of a certain Cassidy Jane Carbaby

these being delivered to my school in person by the cutest boy

"Mrs. Baggett!! Did you know Miss Connor is getting married?
"....What? No, I don't think so."
"No, she is! We saw her, there's a man with her and he brought her flowers and....I think she just got proposed to!"
"No, that's just because it's Valentines Day. That's her boyfriend."
"GO ASK. She's getting married, I'm serious."

(in my room....) "I just had to come in here, because my kids are convinced that you're getting married."

"What! Stephen, what are YOU doing here? Did you bring Miss Connor flowers?"
"Why? Because you love her?"
*Everyone in unison: "You love Miss Connor, you love Miss Connor...."
"Okay now, that's not having an appropriate mouth. Let's get lined up for CAMP."
"Is Stephen staying?"
"No, he has to go to class."

He leaves.

"Stephen is pretty buff."
"You think so?"
"Yeah. Why did he bring you flowers?"
"Because it's Valentines Day...."
"And he's in love with you!"
"Oh, really? Is that why he brought flowers?"
"Yeah. Are you in love with him?"
"What do you think?"
"Yeah, you are. Because you're smiling!"
"Oh, that means I'm in love with him?"
"Well, that, and he brought you flowers...."

Tooooo continue:

this pinata that I made
and that had all this stuff inside of it
this amazing restaurant for dinner
this movie for afterwards. (or was it another one? who knows. the conversation in the audience was riveting.
I think it would be nice, if every girl in the world believed that her boyfriend was better than every other girl's boyfriend. Which is why I don't feel bad saying, right now, that my boyfriend is better than yours :)

Saturday, February 16, 2013


Is something I do not miss. I imagine this is how people feel when they hate dating and then they get married....anyway. Ever since finding Cassidy Jane Carbaby, my life has been significantly better.

Recently, I was reminded of this when Nicool posted on my wall to say that our facebook conversations are really funny, and I should look at them again. I did, and found this little gem:

  • Heather Christine Connor
    i think you would really appreciate my story of my test drive today though
    it went like this
    ring ring! hello? hi johnathan, this is heather. do you want to go carshopping with me? 
    him: sure
    we drive over.
    dealer: hi do you want to take it for a drive?
    me: yes, i just want to look it over first. johnathan and i look at the engine, lights, etc. dealer: you want to go for a drive? me: yes please! we set out
    me: i want to go on the highway and also find some hills to take it on. dealer: ok sure, if you go right it'll take you to the I-15. me: dim memory of hearing abotu I-15 on the radio on the way home from school today.....
    we hit traffic immediately.
    the car hits a high of 30 mph.
    dealer: ok so let's take this exit and find some hills
    me: ok.... *remembering that what i heard about I-15 is that there was an accident and it was all kindsa backed up
    we exit
    dealer starts talking about his life story
    johnathan chimes in with his life story
    they become enthralled with each other
    i try to listen to engine sounds
    dealer encourages me to be careful and not rear-end anyone
    then goes on to tell johnathan his conversion story
    his story of coming to america from iran
    his political leanings
    his view of BYU
  • Nicole Connor
  • Heather Christine Connor
    all about his family
    huh? like the language?
  • Heather Christine Connor
    i dk maybe.....he had an accent and he's been here for 15 yrs
  • Nicole Connor
  • Heather Christine Connor
    no more like 30 yrs
  • Nicole Connor
    holy shiz love your life
  • Nicole Connor
    I wish I couldve talked with him!!
  • Heather Christine Connor
    you would've been just as bad as johnathan!
    i was trying to decide if i wanted to buy a car and they just wanted to talk about missionary experiences and their upraising
    *their respective upraisings
  • Nicole Connor
    heather, I will not even try to deny that I wouldve been just as bad as jonathan. I wouldve talked with him allllll about whats going on in the middle east right now and also about farsi and tips he has abotu learning it
  • Heather Christine Connor
    dealer directs me (in between his career shift from dentist to dealer and the story about the time he owned a porsche and got pulled over by like 6 cops) to a road which he promises is full of hills
    we find that it is under construction
    enter the under construction gods for their one line: YE SHALL NOT PASS
    dealer directs me to another road
  • Heather Christine Connor
    we go on that road and find that it goes up a teeny tiny hill and leads us straight to a dead end
    johnathan turns to me and says: "have you had enough hills for your liking?"
    i get a little confused. where did johnathan see a hill? i wonder. i smile complacently.
    dealer announces that he doesn't have much time bc he has to go pick up his kids
    (he has 5. one of them is 6'1 220 lbs and plays football for timpview.)
  • Heather Christine Connor
    so we drive back to the lot
    and i ask if i can come back tomorrow
    and he says yes
    johnathan and i get in the car
    johnathan: so what did you think? me: i think i liked it, the engine looked pretty clean, and it ran pretty well from what i could see. but i do want to drive it faster and also on some real hills. i dk, what do you think?
    johnathan: man, that guy was cool. i can't believe blablabla - i stopped listening.
    and that is the story of the time i kinda liked a car, but couldn't tell bc two chatty cathys were in the car with me :)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Free Food and Pure Poetry

Sometimes, when I am off-track, I spend the day at a carnival. Not on purpose, really - I always mean to go to UVU to go to classes and study with my friends, but I always wind up with my arms full of cotton candy, popcorn, a free necklace or two, and fliers. So it would appear that I went to a carnival instead of a university, like I meant to. 
And if you know me at all, you'll know that that is just fine with me.
And I'm sorry if this gif gives you a seizure.

Anyway, I might as well just admit that I know it is going to be a carnival before I even pull into visitor parking. I know that I will be offered food, and I know that I will graciously accept. So when I walk in, and the library is to my right, I breeze on past it and wander down the hall in the opposite direction until somebody feeds me.

This works out especially well when my best friend, being a model citizen, wants to eat healthy, but she still takes a bag of popcorn and hands it off to me so I can give it to a certain perpetually hungry boy who is studying in the library. Hashtag, Caitlinisthebestfriendandiamthebestgirlfriendever.

(Sorry for hashtagging but I don't think it's quite as bad if you write out the word hashtag so everyone knows you're being ironic even if secretly you kind of like it but you just know that it's frowned upon because people overdo it so you don't want to be one of those people so you write out the word hashtag so people think you're being ironic even though secretly you kind of like it but you just know that it's frowned upon because people overdo it so you don't want to be one of those people....really sorry)

So anyway, while planning lessons in the library today, I decided that I want to teach my kids about cinquain poems for Valentines Day. Google was surprisingly unhelpful, so I just went ahead and wrote my own cinquains to use as examples. Here is what I came up with:

 Sneaky, Romantic
Hiding, aiming, enchanting
A cherub of love

 Cassidy Jane
Silver, Adorable
Revving, singing, racing
My cute little automobile

Brad Rudolph
Flashy, Squiggly
Darting, swishing, bubble-blowing
A fish like no other
Betta King.

Intelligent, Hungry
Chomping, disrupting, kissing
Getting A's on all his tests
Boyfriend spaz.

In other news, Stephen loved the free popcorn I gave him. And I'm sure everyone in the quiet section of the library loved me for bringing it.
--> -->

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Perfect Valentines Day

Iiiii think, would consist of:

.......sorry that food is my love language. Maybe there would be a little bit of this too:

That is cran-raspberry-apple juice in the background....

This would actually just be perfect on any day.

I know Valentines Day is about spending time with your valentine.....and I know that I scored lowest on Receiving Gifts on the Love Languages test. But commercialism isn't such a bad thing :)