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I like that word....

I like that word....

The World is your Oyster

The World is your Oyster

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


For my History of Creativity class, I had to write a soliloquy in the style of Shakespeare. It could be about love, university life, duty, or something else. I chose love :) We also had to include two words that we made up. I put the new words at the bottom of my soliloquy. Here's what I wrote:


It’s so comfortable now, right here in his pocket
I’m snug and I’m warm right here in his palm
There’s a picture of him right here in my locket
I’m feeling excited, nervous, and calm.

Wrapped up in his arms, I can’t help but shiver

I shimmy and dance right here under his thumb
I see bursts of light but the moon is a sliver;
I’m happy and full from just one little crumb.

How quickly he thinks of these calliverbations

That all at once serve to excite me and soothe

And slow down my reckless heart’s quick palpitations –

My thoughts are all jumbled; his speech is so smooth.

If I could, I would stay right here in this bubble

I cannot be free if not trapped by his gaze.
I’m dizzy and breathless—I know that he’s trouble
But life makes so much sense in his beautiful haze.

Here with him I say things without even thinking

Words born in my heart still sound new to my ears

Each statement of love feels familiar as blinking
This continued amoralogue stifles my fears.

The sun in his smile is clouding my vision –

I’m all tangled up in his mystical art;
I cannot avoid this oncoming collision,
So I’ll pull up a chair for him, here in my heart.

Calliverbations = beautiful words, eloquence. (calli = beauty, verb = words)

Amoralogue = expressions of love. (amor = love, logue = speech)

I really wish I could play the guitar. I would put this to music and feel totally legit.

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