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I like that word....

I like that word....

The World is your Oyster

The World is your Oyster

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Yesterday at 1:45 in the afternoon, my plane landed in Provo, Utah. It was a miserable flight that started out with a 2-hr delay and climaxed when the kindly steward gave me 4 snacks without me even asking for them. The good news is, I discovered four new positions I can sleep in if I ever want to be super-uncomfortable again.

Today at noon, Kelly, Crystal, Katelyn and I went out to the pool to lay out. It was the best time I ever had laying out in the sun! Raintree takes such good care of me. There are sodas in the fridge in case you get thirsty and Otter pops in the freezer in case you get hot. There is a cabana boy who grills delicious hamburgers in case you get hungry. And of course, there is an abundance of sunshine.

I ate one and a half hamburgers, an ice cream bar, and one otter pop. Between the free food at Raintree's pool and the occasional sample spoon from Coldstone, I may just be able to live off of free food this summer. I drank almost a whole can of root beer. (I've never really been able to drink much so this is actually pretty good.) I soaked up the sun. And now, I have tanlines!

A lot of people hate tanlines, but I actually love them. I think this is because I like to see the progress I have made, from a white white whitey-white to a pleasantly tan girl with sunkissed skin so hot I'll melt your popsicle. I like to compare and contrast the skin that was covered with the skin that was exposed. I never feel like I'm wasting my time when I'm laying out as long as I am getting a tan from it.

I forgot how much I love summer, but I think this might just be the best summer yet!

In other news.....

Today is Nicole's birthday...yay!!!

I'm now obsessed with Ugly Betty.

I feel like Gossip Girl and the Mormon Bachelor Pad are lying to me.

I miss high school orchestra.

I love my family.

I hate Delaware and feel a slight aversion towards New Jersey.

Kelly got a concussion but she is fine.

Sunshine really does give you endorphins!

A year can take a really long time, but sometimes, it doesn't seem like it is that long.

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