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I like that word....

I like that word....

The World is your Oyster

The World is your Oyster

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

And the semester begins.

I don't know why, but I really feel like blogging right now! So I'm going to.

Yesterday, I was super-productive.

First, I went to my stats lecture. I started out this semester really apprehensive about my stats class, but I am actually really liking it. I got there a little earlier than usual this time so I got to sit wherever I wanted and I randomly sat down next to this guy who happens to be in my lab! So that was cool. I have an hour break between my stats lecture and lab on Fridays, so in my spare time, I went to the library and got a little homework done for other classes. When I went to my lab, I met up with a girl who was in my ice-skating class last semester! That was so fun. We are going to have a study group :) After lab, I was done with stats for the day and I headed off to the Eyring Science Center to try and add a class. Unfortunately it was all full, but I stayed because it was so fun (oh, also because I am just going to try to add it at another time).

As soon as I was done with that class, I went to the library, did some more homework, and then hurried to catch the next bus back to my apartment. I got home at about 2:00, ran around grabbing everything I wanted to send to Jake in his package, and then caught the 2:12 bus back to campus. It was pretty impressive. Here is what I sent in this package:

1. shark fruit snacks. (since he's a fisher of men.)
2. chips ahoy. (since who doesn't love those.)
3. flyswatters. (He's in Mexico. So there are probably a few flies down there. Haha I had to bend the wire handles to fit them in the hopefully he'll be able to unbend them....)
4. Immunity Crystal Light. (so he doesn't get sick.) Also Live Active Crystal Light. (in case he doesn't feel like being lively or active. or his companion doesn't.)
5. antacid tablets. (so he doesn't feel sick.)
6. sidewalk chalk. (so he can be the most popular. lol)
7. a box of pastaroni. (we always used to make that and I told him he can make it with his companion and have good bonding time.)
8. my "I Love to See the Temple" book I made with Caitlin and Kelly!
9. junior mints. (since he's the Jr. companion.)
10. crazy core skittles. (so he doesn't go crazy.)
11. insect bite relief. (to relieve his insect bites.)

Anyway so I was reallyy excited to send this package. I don't know how long it will take to get there, but hopefully not tooooo too long.

Right after I sent my package, I had to go to this powerpoint class I'm taking. I have to take all these tests for the elementary education major that test your knowledge of microsoft products, and I don't feel like I know that much about PowerPoint, so I figured what the heck, and signed up for this two-week long class. Last class was soooo boring, but I came back, and this time, it was actually really enjoyable.

When I finished with that class, I got ice-cream with Andrea and Victoria. I love these girls :) They just sent off missionaries too, who were really good friends with Jake, which is how we know each other. It was so nice to sit and talk and eat ice cream! We sat around for like an hour just talking and it was lovely.

After ice cream I went to Kelly's apartment and we started getting ready for Fall Fest! The theme this year is superheroes, and I have wanted to dress up for this event since the beginning of the school year. It took about 3 hrs and multiple costume changes, but finally we were suited up and ready to go. I was a blue power ranger (costume courtesy of Kali, who wore my costume for Halloween last year), Kelly was a Fantastic Four, and Kali was an Incredible (costume courtesy of me, from spirit week my senior year of high school). Jordan was our makeup artist. And if I do say so myself, we looked extremely super when we showed up to that Fall Fest!

BTW. When I first got to Kelly's apt, I was sitting on Kali's bed and she looks over at me and goes, "Are those my flipflops?" I was wearing a pair of pink flipflops that I had, in fact, gotten from Kelly's apt earlier in the year, but I knew that they were Kelly's, not Kali's. So I said, "No, they're mine." Then she goes, "Did you borrow them from Kelly?" So then I didn't know whattt to say. For whatever reason, I didn't bring any flipflops to college. Oh, except for the dark blue ones which I can only find one of now. Also these really cute ones that Caitlin gave me but that's beside the point. The pointtt is, when I was helping Kelly move in, I saw a pair of pink flipflops on her floor, and I thought to myself, I didn't bring any flipflops out here. I need those! And I took them back to my own apartment. Apparently, they weren't Kelly's. They were Kali's. And I had stolen them. So that was pretty funny and I immediately returned them.

The activity was pretty fun, but it was largely dominated by freshmen, so we left pretty early and went to Red Mango in our awesome costumes. We ate our frozen yogurt, took a few pictures inside, and then went outside to expand our photo opportunities. A few minutes after we had started jumping off tables and punching the air, we realized that there was a couple parked in their car in front of the Red Mango who was thoroughly entertained by our antics. Unfazed, we went on to produce a fantasticcc line of photos.

It is nights like these that I absolutely lovvve Kelly. She is the greatest sister! Who else would spend three hours trying on outfit after outfit, throwing all their clothes on the floor, googling superheroes, and considering every possible alteration to a piece of clothing in order that they could dress up like a superhero....any! superhero....just because I really wanted to, but I didn't want to do it alone? I love that she lives so close to me and we can do fun things together like this!

I also adore Kali. When I suggested that we do this, Kali at first laughed at me, but then she totally caught the vision and helped me find costume pieces for me and for Kelly. The power ranger costume, as I mentioned earlier, was her Halloween costume last year. I'm not sure how she came to have it in her possession in the first place, but somehow she had it, and she had made several alterations to it. It used to be one piece, with the top and the legs connected. When it came to me, they were two decidely separate pieces. The pants had no waistband, and the top covered about half of my torso. The sleeves, which used to go all the way to the wearer's wrists, went only a little bit past my elbow. The legs, which should have gone all the way to my ankles, went a little bit past my knee. So, clearly, this outfit was not exactly intended for someone of my size. Or any bigger. Still, Kali valiantly tried it on, all the time saying, "I don't think this is gonna work, Heather." Despite her completely justified skepticism, she was totally willing to try it, if for no other reason than to show me that it was not an option for her outfit for the night.

Actually while we're on the subject....this costume really was in poor condition. There was a gaping hole in the arm pit of one of the sleeves, which was especially obvious when I raised my arm. There was no waistband, as I said earlier, which created problems whenever the pants came out of my leggings (I was wearing gray leggings under the pants and I had just tucked the tops of the blue pants into the waistband of my leggings to hold them up). Anyway, whenever the leggings loosened their grip a little bit, the blue pants got this nice little pucker in them that looked STUPID. So I told everyone to keep an eye on my butt for the whole night to avoid that ever happening.

Back to all the people I love. Jordan Lee was the besttt makeup artist! I usually don't do crazy makeup, and I think I was wearing more eyeshadow than I ever have in my life, but I just thought it was fun! I think that Jordan is hilarious and she was so fun to just walk around the Fall Festival with. Whew, good thing she was Kelly's roommate freshman year or else I might not know her!

I ended up falling asleep on accident at Kelly's apartment last night, on Kali's bed. I can't imagine that she appreciated that very much but apparently she let me stay there and she slept on the couch instead of waking me up to move me. This morning, Kelly woke me up and I said, "why are you in my house?" But it turns out I was in her's. So I got up, ran back to my apartment in my super-cool power ranger costume....which wasn't embarrassing atttt allllll, don't even worry about it.....and got ready for the football game!

Kelly, Christine and I all went together to the party at Glenwood. It's just down the street and Raintree residents were invited, and there was free food, so we figured why not, and went. It was so funny how many random people I saw there. In the first minute after the pizza had arrived, I saw 1. James, this guy who randomly sat down and had lunch with Kelly and I last year in the Cougareat, 2. Jeff, who was an intern in DC this summer and went to our singles ward, 3. a guy who used to date one of Kelly's roommates last year, 4. A guy who was in our country dance class last year, and 5. another guy who randomly sat down and had lunch with Kelly and I last year.

By the 4th quarter, BYU was really killing Tulane, so we went back home and Winnie took us grocery shopping. Which was so good! I get most of my food with my meal plan, but I need some things like Toaster Strudel, hello, that I can't get at the Creamery or on-campus, so I have to venture to Walmart to get it. I also got some white flipflops today, which I really have been needing. Anddd I bought Kelly a present. She is alwayyys giving me presents. It is so nice! So I got her a present this time. I bought her a pineapple :)

When I came home from Target, where I got my flipflops, I called my dad since he marched on Washington today. Sometimes I think my dad is so adorable. He lovvved it. He said it was the most inspiring thing he has ever done. He said everyone was so polite and he liked meeting as many people as he could and just talking to them. Apparently there was a really great turnout. So I'm glad he got to do that. I really love my dad. I can talk to him so easily at college. I think he is a wonderful individual, I think he is the nicest daddy, and I always always know he loves me.

When I got back to my apartment from doing that, there was a bunch of people and we all played games and had suchhh a fun time.

And now it is way too late and I really really! should be getting to bed.

I just want to say, that even with all the stupid stuff that goes on, I do love being a college student. I love it.

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