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I like that word....

I like that word....

The World is your Oyster

The World is your Oyster

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Hot Boy Hookup

Hello ladies. How are you? Fantastic.

I am here today to tell you about something that will make you feel even more fantastic than you do now. Actually two somethings.

Just by way of introduction, one of my favorite things about summer is how many people I meet on an almost daily basis. Everyone is tanner, happier, and more social in the summer, so there are tons of opportunities to make new friends. And if some of those new friends are cute and nice and confident boys, well then, all the better!

If you feel the same way, then you will be very happy to hear that I know somewhere you can find boys who fit this exact profile. They are called Pong Night and Country Dancing. And they are the first two somethings to be featured in this, the Hot Boy Hookup.

Thing One: Pong Night

Pong Night was started by my friend Jordan Lontine. He was a pest control boy in Maryland two summers ago, as you may remember. Anyway, Pong Night is basically just a party in the middle of the week and it is always heavily attended by cute boys. Everyone who wishes to play Soda Pong brings a liter of soda. There are usually about 4-6 games going on at any given time, so it's not like a huge performance or anything, but if you don't want to play, that's okay, too. You can just socialize.

Caitlin went to a bunch of the Pong Nights in the winter when I was in Florida, and I went to my first one on Monday night with Caitlin and Rachel. When we first arrived, we were a little put out because we only knew a few people there and Caitlin usually knows almost everyone. I guess it's a different crowd in the summer?

Whatever the case, we ended up staying for a few hours because boys just started coming up and talking to us. I guarantee if you come, to Pong Night, you will have a similar experience. Because no offense but we did not put a special amount of effort into our appearances for this pong night. The boys were just all super-social and funny.

Another good thing about Pong Night is that it's very much based on word of mouth. Everyone brings at least a friend or two, and then at the next Pong Night, those friends invite some of their friends. And now I'm inviting all of you to the next one :) If you are interested, let me know!

Thing Two: Country Dancing

Country Dancing at the Center is always fun for me, but if you hate it, then this Hookup won't interest you as much as, say, Pong Night. But if you don't hate it or have never been, you will have to make your way over there soon.

Wednesday is Singles' Night, which is nice because on Saturday, everyone has a date and if you go then, you might see lots of cute boys but not be asked to dance that much. And it will have nothing to do with you so don't be offended. Just go on Wednesday night.

Like I did tonight with Christine, Kaitlyn, Winnie, and Kristen. It was so great! We skipped the dance instruction and just went in right as the dancing was getting started. Christine said that it was kind of a lame night, and that there were way too many girls this time. But I have never danced so much in my life and I was thrilled!

Do boys realize that the ability to dance covers a multitude of sins? I am pretty good at following, if the guy I'm dancing with knows what he's doing, and I was amazed tonight by all the things I could suddenly do. MY HUSBAND MUST DANCE.

These boys are all so awesome! I felt like a princess as we twirled and two-stepped around the room. No one stepped on my feet. One time, this boy kind of set me down on the floor when we were doing a dip (like he was dropping me in slow motion), but that's it. And it wasn't a big deal, it didn't hurt or anything, and he helped me up and acted like it was his fault even though it was obviously mine.

The boys who go regularly are really nice, really good dancers, and really fun. They smell nice and feel strong and they are perfect gentlemen. And it's a really chill setting. Everyone's just going there to dance. You talk a little bit while you're dancing, but mostly you just say your name and where you're from and maybe talk a little about yourself. The boys aren't just there to pick up girls, although if you make a really good impression or really click, some of them might get your number. Which is great, too.

The music is really fun, too. And now "save a horse, ride a cowboy" is stuck in my head and I am this close to saving about 10 horses. Speaking of which, I am going to the Lehi Roundup this weekend and I'm so pee-my-pants excited I could just die. Maybe this will be another hookup? We will see :)


  1. haha! is the beginning like the old spice commercials??

  2. Country dancing is awesome! If you go then I will see you around.

  3. yeah it is nicole! good job :) and i am sure i'll be back sometime, ian. i loved it!