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I like that word....

I like that word....

The World is your Oyster

The World is your Oyster

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

I could really use a wish right now.....

Today I got on an airplane and left the state of Utah, not to return for the next 6 months. I'm actually shocked that made it on the airplane in the first place. Here's a kind of summary of my trip:

Last night, about 9:30: I finally decide to start packing. It was incredibly daunting, since I won't be coming back until June, so I basically had to pack my entire life. I don't know how, but I somehow managed to pack 120 lbs of absolute necessities into two suitcases, another 35 lbs in my carry-on bag, and probably another 15 lbs in backpack that I didn't weigh. The rest of my stuff fit nicely into 6 boxes that I am leaving in Utah. I am seriously confused about where I got so much stuff and how I ever fit all of it under my bed.

Dear stuff,

Where did you come from? Why have you chosen to attach yourself to me so insistently? Please get out of my life. ......Oh no wait, don't go! I might need you someday!



Today, 8:00 am: Wake up so I can be ready to leave at 8:30. My flight was at 12:40, but I wanted to visit Jake's family before I had to leave.

9:30 am: Kelly and Dahl pick me up and we drive to Lindon.

9:50 am: We arrive at Jake's house and get to visit for a little bit. Halli made us pancakes, which was so nice, especially since I hadn't eaten breakfast yet. Dahl took the car to get the oil changed, since it was making a weird sound and he didn't want to have to replace the engine.

10:40 am: We say goodbye to the Crafts and head towards the airport.

10:45 am: Dad txts me to ask if I am at the airport. I say no, we are just leaving Lindon. He says that we better hurry, since my flight is at 12:05.

10:46 am: Panic.

10:47 am: Feel better because there is literally no traffic. We are making excellent time!

11:15 am: See the signs for the airport. Rejoice that the traffic has been so spectacular.

11:16 am: Pull into the drop off area. Drive past the Southwest drop off because every car in the state of Utah is parked there. Pull up to Jet Blue's drop off and get out of the car. Dahl helps me get my suitcases out and we run inside.

11:17 am: Walk past a huge line. Feel sorry for the people that have to wait in it. Walk past bag check stations for two other airlines and come to Southwest's bag check station. Realize with a sinking feeling that this line is your line.

Dear all the residents of Utah,

Why did you decide to fly at the exact same time and on the exact same airline as me? Our schedules can never be this similar again. Let's coordinate a little better next time.



11:19 Accidentally say a bad word. Quickly wonder if anyone heard and look around for people who might be judging me. Realize that I have bigger problems. Feel panicky.

11:20 The following conversation ensues:

Dahl: This is your line. You have to get in line with someone.

Me: But....I don't know anyone in this line!

Dahl: You have to flirt with someone. Here....flirt with these boys and get in line with them.

Me: What!? No, I can't do that.

Dahl: You have to. You'll miss your flight if you don't.

Me: Maybe we can ask a security guard.....

Dahl: They won't help. Talk to these boys. Look, go flirt with them.

Me: I can't, I can't! What about him? Can I flirt with him? (I pointed to a kind of insecure looking boy in a hat, thinking he would not be brave enough to send me unsympathetically to the back of the line. Dahl was wanting me to flirt with some college boys who were wearing ski hats and looked way more confident. Dahl shook his head and pointed me back to the skiers.)

Dahl: I gotta go Heather. Give me a hug.

Me: Wait....Dahl where are you going?

Dahl: I have to go trade places with Kelly so she can come say goodbye to you.

Me: What....what do I say?

Dahl: Just ask what time their flight is. You can do it.

Me: I can't!

Dahl: See you later, Heather.

Me: Ok....okaaaay byyyye, thanks Dahl.

And then he walked off, leaving me with three suitcases, a backpack, and a rapidly sinking heart.

I made eye contact with one of the boys. "What time is your guys flight?" I asked. I felt awful about what I was doing and right after asking this question, my face spasmed into a worried expression.

Dear self,

Please learn how to flirt in a more carefree manner. And on that note,

Dear face,

Please do not spasm when I am trying to flirt to accomplish a purpose.



"Uhhh, ours is at.....12:35? Yeah. 12:35."

"Ohhh," I said, looking at the clock.

"What time is yours?" he asked.

"12:05," I said. My face involuntarily spasmed again.

"Ooooh," both of the boys said together.

"Mine too!" said the lady standing behind them. "Are you going to Denver?"

"No, I'm going to Baltimore," I said. Then, talking to the skier again, I said, "Do you think I could like....get in line with you guys? Is that okay?"

He looked around and then said, "If no one sees, sure," and scooted up in line, smiling.

I think I almost started crying, I was so relieved. I grabbed my suitcases and scooted in right behind him.

11:30 am: Kelly comes in and sees me in the line. "Whoa, how did you get so far in line??" she asked loudly. I could feel a million eyes belonging to people I had just butted turn to look at me. I cleared my throat and said, "Hi Kelly. Do you want to come stand by me?" She nodded, considering the line. "Okay. But that's crazy, how did you get there so fast?" Pulling her in line with me, I quickly explained that the really nice boys in front of me just let me get in line with them. I tried to talk loudly enough so the boys in front of me would know how much I appreciated them, without anyone behind me hearing and getting mad.

Dear people behind me,

I'm sorry I butted you. I know that you had flights to make, too, and I should have gotten to the airport sooner. Thank you thank you thank you for being so nice and understanding! (Or just for keeping your annoyance to yourself.) It was awfully Christmas spirity of you.

All my gratitude,


11:32 am: Kelly leaves me in the line. I don't want to talk about it.

Dear sister,

Ytb! Ily s m f. Ty f b m t t ap t m!



11:35 am: I make it to the front of the line! A nice flight lady with a Christmas sweater helps me print off my boarding pass and weighs my bags. One bag is 63 lbs, and the other is 57. I ask if I can just be charged for one bag being overweight, but she says no, I have to put 7 lbs from the smaller bag into the heavier one. I start switching things around.

11:40 am: I have two suitcases, one that is 69 lbs and one that is 51. The Southwest worker winks at me and says that is fine. I pay for the extra weight and take one of my bags over to the little conveyor belt where you leave your bags with the security officers.

11:41 am: Take my second bag to the same place. Look around for the skiers so I can kiss them, and feel a little sad when I don't see them.

Dear skier boys,

You saved my life today! I would never have made my flight if it were not for you. Thank you for being so nice even when my face spasmed twice in our conversation. If you ever see me again, I owe you.



11:43 am: Get in the mile-long line for security. Realize that there is no one I can butt this time. Panic. Txt Dad saying I am going to miss my flight. Almost flip out when the girl in front of me is met by her boyfriend and they start making out and he is not cute enough for her. Realize that I am being irrational. Suddenly get bombarded by 4 txts from Dad, who is also freaking out.

11:47 am: Get ready to send my things through the scanners. Take off my coat and boots and take my laptop out of my backpack. Feel sick because my flight is surely boarding right at this minute.

11:50 am: Get to the front of the security line. Throw everything in the plastic bins and run to the scanner. Look a little over-eager when I jump in the scanner.

11:51 am: A security guard lady asks me if I have anything in my pockets to hold it in my hands. I pull out my cards and hold them in one hand. I remember my bobby pins in my other pocket and pull them out too. The security guard remembers that she forgot to re-calibrate her machine. I have to step out while she pushes some buttons.

11:52 am: The machine is ready! I jump back in and get scanned. The security guard asks me to wait on a mat until she gets confirmation that I am not a terrorist. I stand on the mat, kind of dancing around.

Dear people who are concerned about TSA full-body scans,

I would just like to re-direct your energy to the outrageous lines at the airport. This is a real problem that is of greater concern to me than the full-body scanners.



11:55 am: I am cleared and allowed off the mat. I throw on my coat, shove my feet into my boots, grab my backpack and my rolling carry-on bag and start towards the escalator.

11:56 am: I run back to the table for my laptop, which I accidentally left.

11:57 am: Kelly calls me. I abruptly end the call as I run towards my gate, B22.

Dear Gate B22,

I really think you and Security need to make up and move back to being closer to one another. This long-distance relationship isn't working. I know I'm just a third party, not really involved in the relationship, but did you know that there are 2 escalators and 21 terminals between you two? Please work on fixing this, because it has started to affect other people who want to see both of you at the same time.



11:58 am: Run past gates B1-B10.

11:59 am: Run past a Santa Claus taking pictures with a huge crowd of people. Feel annoyed that everyone in the crowd seems to want to get in your way.

12:00 noon: Keep running. Panic.

12:01: Consider stopping off at another one of the gates to ask a worker to call my gate and tell them that I am on my way and to please wait for me. Decide that there is no time for that. Keep running.

12:02: Wonder why I had to go up an escalator if now I am just going down one to get to my terminal.

12:04: Somehow arrive at gate B22. See that the door is open still. Wonder if I may have actually made it. The lady checking boarding passes called out to me as I got closer, "Are you Heather?" "Yes!" I said, relieved to be there. She smiled at me and gestured through the door. "Go right on in!" she said.

Dear stewardess lady,

You are the kindest ever. I wish I had given you a hug, too.



12:05: Walk down the aisle until I see an open seat in the middle of a grandpa and a high school boy. The grandpa winked at me and pointed to the seat in the middle of their row. I ask if there is room in their overhead bin. Just as I had been hoping would happen, the high school boy offered to put my bags up for me. I gladly accept. Once I am seated, the grandpa leans forward and says to the high school boy next to me, "You can pay me later."

12:10 We depart! And I am actually on the plane.


  1. heather.connor. i DIED when i read this. mostly because i can picture you saying every bit of it!

    these things just sounded so familiar and reminded me of things back in high school:
    -the whole being late thing
    -your dad was panicking and freaked you out
    -kelly jumped in line with you and almost blew your cover/got you kicked outta line!

    -i also LOVED the part where dahl made you flirt with those boys...and the face spasm

    love you! this post made my night!

  2. haha thanks heather! i seriously couldn't believe that kelly was being so loud about the whole thing but it all worked out. i love you too! i want to see you sometime this break! when are you going back to school?

  3. Oh my gosh. Heather I was literally on the edge of my seat reading this. Phew! So glad you made it!

  4. me too larissa! by the way, i might be coming back to utah in may. and if i do i can come to your wedding! when is it again?

  5. Heather! I just about diedd reading this. it was soo stressful PLEASE never do this again it stresses me the crap out!