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I like that word....

The World is your Oyster

The World is your Oyster

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dancin Til the World Ends

It's the End of the World! Did you guys know? Today at 6pm, the world is supposed to end. (Kind of.) It's going to start ending today, and then it's really going to end on October 21st, according to this guy named Harold Camping. He actually predicted that the world would end in 1994, but it clearly did not. This time, he is much more certain.

Somehow, Harold has made millions of dollars off of warning people about the end of the world. In 2008, his radio network was allegedly worth more than $117 million. I guess this is lucky for him because when the world doesn't end tonight, or on October 21st, I imagine some people will get mad and try to sue him.

As for me, I am having great fun with the end of the world! I woke up this morning real cheerful and thought, "Hmm! Today is the end of the world! What should I do?"

I explored my options. I could register my pet birds for pet care in case I get taken up to Heaven today at 6 and no one is left behind to take care of them. I could make a playlist about the End of the World. I could go to Confession and confess my sins. I could go to an End-of-the-World partyin DC for only $1.

I decided against the pet care thing. I didn't want to pay $135, or even $10 to make sure that my pets would be comfortable during the Rapture. Plus I guess I'm not going to be saved, since I didn't give Harold Camping any money.

I also decided against going to Confession, since I'm not Catholic and I guess you have to be on your deathbed or about to join the Catholic church in order to participate in Confession. :( Rude. If Blair Waldorf can go, why can't I?

I did, however, make a playlist. And I ate cookies for breakfast. And I went outside and sat on the deck in the sunshine. And I called my dad to wish him a happy end of the world. And I tried to call Nicole but she anored me.....

While I was eating breakfast, Joseph and Julie and I had a funny conversation.

me: Joseph, do you want the last cookie? I'm about to eat it.

Joseph: No thanks, I'm not hungry.

me: Well...have you had any yet?

Joseph: No. But you can have it, I'm not hungry.

me: What if when we get taken up to Heaven and I'm all full from eating cookies, and then there's awesome food in Heaven, but I can't eat any of it, because I'm all full?

Julie: We're not going to Heaven. We didn't pay any money.

me: Woohoo, more cookies!

If you get to read this before the world ends, I think you should also take the time to watch this music video. It's "Give a Little" by Hanson and makes me so happy every time I watch it!

What are you doing to celebrate this day?


  1. Heather - this music video link at the end of your blog about the end of the world doesn't work. I love your writing though.


  2. Actually, Harold Camping is dirt broke. He spent millions of dollars trying to tell people about the end of the world and didn't keep any of it for himself.

  3. Kali, are you sure? I actually wasn't sure but when I looked it up I saw a few articles saying that he had made x amount of money or is worth y amount of money, but I didn't know if any of them were accurate. Where did you see that?