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My name is Heather.

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I like that word....

I like that word....

The World is your Oyster

The World is your Oyster

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Monday, May 9, 2011

It doesn't matter. Put your shirt down.

Things I love about being home:

1. sitting next to Dad when the primary kids sing in church

2. talking and playing and studying and laughing with Julie...she is so funny!

3. snuggling with Sarah

4. borrowing the brothers hoodies

5. making dinner with real ingredients

6. Mommy taking care of me when I'm sick

7. going to nursery and primary instead of Sunday School

8. being tanner than everybody else.....this has never ever ever happened!

9. getting paid $50 for the inconvenience of showing up at NIH only to be sent home because of a mishap with the scheduling

10. having this happen twice in three days, whatttt?? :)

I love Utah, and I am excited to go back in a few weeks. I LOVE Florida, and I miss it like crazy. Whenever I go back to school, I feel like I'm going home, and if I went to visit my friends in Florida, I would know how to get places and I wouldn't feel like a total tourist. But even though I don't necessarily want to settle down here, Maryland will always be my home home. I mean, I was born and raised here, so it seems only natural.

I love that first glimpse I get of Baltimore when I'm flying home at night, that glow of city lights. I love the trees along the highway and I love the racecar exit off of 29 on the way to the mall. I love JoJo and Reagan, and Cane, and even Delilah and Bob Delmont. I love Rita' it bad that I've already gone three times? I love NIH. I love the valet parkers and the OP4 nurses and the MRI technicians.

Home is just so....homey. I'm a pretty adaptable person, so I can be happy and comfortable pretty much anywhere. Besides, I love new places and I get a little restless when I'm home for too long, but I'm so grateful that I have such a place as this where I can stop in every 4 months and recharge.

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