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I like that word....

I like that word....

The World is your Oyster

The World is your Oyster

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Monday, January 23, 2012

EW, YO! (Eat What You Order)

One day, I was a Disney College Intern. I lived in Florida and I was immensely happy. And I blogged about it.

Then, that chapter of my life came to an end and the chapter called, "One day, I was a Disney College Campus Rep" opened. And it, too, was a glorious chapter.

And it's actually still going on.

Every semester, John the recruiter comes and tells other BYU kids to apply for a Disney internship.

In order to be a better blogger, I decided to include pictures and went to trusty google to find one. Unfortunately, John is kind of elusive.

This is not John the recruiter.

Aaaaand, neither is this.

Oh, but this is. John is the one standing at the far left, holding up something green. He is my favorite man.
Ahem. I mean, almost my favorite man.

And here is why: because every time he comes to town, he takes all the campus reps to dinner at Goodwood Barbecue. Last time, I was pumped out of my head at the prospect of a free meal and I ordered something super-expensive and super-delicious. I was jittery with excitement today when I found out that tonight was the night I would repeat that experience.

Then John said, "Hey everyone! Order whatever you like, but please eat what you order."

Being the poor and slightly shameless college student that I am, I had actually been planning on eating a little and then having the rest of my meal spread out over the rest of the week. When John spoke, I heard his statement as, "Don't order a buttload of food with the intention of boxing it up, you poor and slightly shameless college student."

I thought, "Okay. That's a reasonable request. I can probably eat like half of the meal."

Then John ordered appetizers. And I ordered strawberry lemonade. I ate:

2 potato skins. That were literally as long as my index finger. So, not that big at all.

One of these onion rings. ONE, guys.

and drank a whole glass of strawberry lemonade. (I don't know what came over me.)

And all of a sudden, my stomach got confused and told me that I had just eaten an entire horse. I thought, "Listen, tomach. I have not gotten my meal yet. I haven't even gotten the salad yet. And John specifically said to eat what we order. So you just hurry up and clear some room."

My tomach did not comply.

Then the waiter brought out my caesar side salad. And my 1/2 of a barbecue chicken. And my pecan sweet potatoes. And my cornbread muffin. And another strawberry lemonade.

I looked over at John. "Listen John," I said pleadingly. "I heard what you said about order what you eat. And I want you to know that whatever happens next is not me being deliberately disobedient to that request. I just ate those appetizers and now I am literally, so. Full."

"Oh! What did you get?" John asked jovially.

I gestured a little hesitantly at my feast.

"Bon apetit!" he said.

So I ate the whole thing.

Just kidding. This picture is from freshman year. Tonight at Goodwood, I maybe managed down 5 bites. Here is what I brought home:

Oh that looks whole entire meal? What? Also I got some strawberry lemonade to go.

And that is why I love John.

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