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I like that word....

I like that word....

The World is your Oyster

The World is your Oyster

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Close Call

Today I was walking around campus. A girl was walking in front of me, talking on her phone. I was thinking about homework, but my ears perked up when I heard her say "Courtney."

Courtney is a girl on The Bachelor. I am a girl who is obsessed with the Bachelor, so I had to listen.

Phone Girl said, "Well, he took Courtney on a date last week."

Bachelor fan? I think so. I continued listening.

"You know, Courtney? She has, like, brown hair?"

Brown hair: check.

"Yeah, so anyway, he took Courtney on a date last week and this week - "

I instantly felt panicked. I hadn't watched The Bachelor from this week yet! What was I doing, listening to this conversation? Phone Girl was going to spoil something! Should I start running in the opposite direction? Hum loudly as I rush past her? Snatch the phone out of her hands and tell her to knock it off??

I did none of those things. I stood frozen in place.

Phone Girl said, " - and this week, she was all mad because he hasn't txted her yet."

My brain got confused.

Phone Girl said, "That's what I said! I was like, Courtney. Did you txt him to thank him for the date? And she hadn't! She was all, That's his job. And I'm like, No, Courtney. It's only polite for you to txt the boy after the date if you had fun. Like, I always do."

I guess there is more than one Courtney in the world. And apparently, one of them lives in Provo, Utah and went on a date last week.

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