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I like that word....

I like that word....

The World is your Oyster

The World is your Oyster

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Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Downside

Let's start with the upsides:

1. I now have more friends in Provo than I can count on one hand. Which is more than I felt like I could say two weeks ago! But it's true!

2. Said friends and I have fun times. We do things like going to art museums, sitting all in the front seat so no one has to be alone in the back, attending rodeos, exploring Salt Lake City, going to concerts, eating yummy foods, going to fundraisers, watching The Bachelorette.....etc.

with Christine at the art museum!
with Nicool at Memory Park in SLC!
No, we do not want to kick it in the backseat. Obviously we all have to sit in the front seat together!

at the rodeo! with some Utah friends and a sister imported from Idaho :)
3. I discovered a new family! There are 4 boys in this family, 13, 16, 18, and one on a mission. I am in LOVE with this family! They live in a cowboy house. They have saddles on the banister. They have horses. They call me their sister because apparently I look like I'm related to them. The boys are so cheeky and funny. Their grandpa made a joke about what a good lover he is. The dad told me I could ride his horses. I believe him. 

3. My classes are almost over! As in, the last college classes I will ever have to take. Woo baby woo!

4. I met a cute tan boy today, and a cute hipster boy. And I talked to both of them. And then I got 3 mysterious nice notes from boys.

5. I just discovered a great pool where I can lay out. It is very unpopular, which is exactly the kind of pool I appreciate.

Now for the downside: I am actually going to miss all of these things when I go home in a few days. Don't get me wrong, I could write an entire other blog on how excited I am to go home! (And I probably will, soon.) I recognize that this downside is a blessing in and of itself, that I am even a little sad to be leaving all of these things.

Which is why I still believe I am the luckiest girl :)

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