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I like that word....

I like that word....

The World is your Oyster

The World is your Oyster

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Guest Blogger: The Daily Tay

Anyone that reads my blog on a fairly regular basis....first of all thanks :) And second of all, those people might be surprised to see that I have a guest blogger today. It's a little surprising because I never do cool stuff like that with my blog. But then I discovered this lady when I was googling images of Arie, and she was doing a Guest Blogging Blitz, and it was just perfect timing. So without further adieu, I give you Taylor:

Well hello readers at The World is Your Oyster!
My name is Taylor and I blog over at The Daily Tay
Original blog name, I know.
But "Princess Diaries" was already taken, so what can you do.

Typically, I just blog about whatever catches my fancy for the day.
So it might be celebrity related,
(I was a little obsessed with Jessica Simpson's 19 month pregnancy.)
Or even about E-list celebs,
(crossing my fingers Michelle Duggar gets pregnant again any day now
so I can write a post like this again.)
But I almost always mention my dog, Harlow,
my boyfriend Chris,
and our day to day adventures living in Chicago.

Today (and probably for the next four months or so)
I'd like to talk about my love for summer.
Because I love everything about it.
I love boating,
and beer gardens,
and the smell of sunscreen,
wearing a swimsuit cover up for almost all hours of the day,
and just being outside all of the time!
And given the title of this blog, I should also 
mention how much I LOVE outdoor oyster bars.

I also like the fact it's the easiest time of year to trick people into 
thinking you're pretty good looking.
You know what I mean, right? 
Everything just looks better in the summer.
Let me explain myself, you see in the winter I suffer from a disease known as
W.U.D. (Winter Ugly Disorder)
My skin becomes translucent,
my hair turns dark and starts to break
and my nails often look like a Wolverwine has been gnawing on them for day.
It's just a rough time.
 No Facebook photos are allowed to be taken.

But then summer arrives and Mother Nature
finally allows all of us to crawl out of our winter skin
and experience the delight of tan legs and glowing hair once again!

Okay, I'm really not this shallow, I promise.
I just look really sick when I'm pale.

Now you know a little about me. 
Stop on by so I can learn more about you!

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