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I like that word....

I like that word....

The World is your Oyster

The World is your Oyster

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Keep Calm and Pioneer On

Last night, while hanging out with some friends - and by "hanging out," I mean "pinteresting" with some friends - we started discussing our plans for today.

And when I say "we started discussing our plans for today," I mean "I started trying to discuss plans and my friends laughed me to scorn and continued Pinteresting."

Our conversation went as follows:

C: I don't have work tomorrow! Let's do something fun. 
K: Me neither. 
Me: Oh good! What should we do?

C&K become engrossed in Pinterest.

I become engrossed in Pinterest.

I think it was right now in the conversation that W turned her computer around to show us a movie trailer.

No longer engrossed in Pinterest after watching that, I remembered our conversation. 

Me: Maybe we can lay out at my pool. 
K: *Snort*
Me: We always meet the best people there....

Just a few days ago, K, W, and I met THE WORST BOY at my pool. So with this reminder, we all become engrossed in some healthy Facebook stalking. 

Me: So for tomorrow....aren't there any parades or anything?
C: Not in Provo, they mostly just celebrate in Salt Lake. 

We become engrossed in Pinterest once again. W turns her computer around to show us this SNL skit.

About 30 minutes / pins later.....

Me: Maybe we should make butter. 
W: .....What?
Me: You know, cuz it's Pioneer we can make like bread and butter....
K: Okay, bread I can understand, we can make bread. Butter?
Me: Yeah, cuz you have to roll it? You know, in a jar, like the pioneers.
C: Maybe we'll just think of an idea tomorrow. We don't have to plan right now. 

So now I am taking my ideas to my blog instead! Because they are good ideas!

1. Make butter
2. Make ice cream
3. Make bread
4. Braid my hairs
5. Say "This is the place" whenever I arrive anywhere
6. Participate in a stick pulling contest
7. Attend a rodeo?!
8. Go shooting
9. Go car-shopping
10. Go for a walk
11. Lay out at the pool
12. Listen to this talk.

Hope your Pioneer Day is full of just as many good ideas as mine is :) 

PS: I hit myself in the face yesterday. With a cabinet door. It was a sad thing for me to go through. 

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