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I like that word....

I like that word....

The World is your Oyster

The World is your Oyster

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Og-scuse Me??

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from doing EFY this summer, it is that getting to EFY to start off the week is always much more trouble than it should be.

You may remember the lovely adventure I had getting to Cincinnati. Here’s how this week started off:


1:00 I go to my Singletree ward, which I love.

4:15 I leave said Singletree ward. I hurry home to pack, cram a donut down my throat, and look up directions to the Institute building in South Jordan (where I am contracted to work this week).

5:00 I leave my apartment with one suitcase, my scripture bag, my makeup bag, my shower bag, my school bag, and my purse. (I’m really good at making the right amount of pasta for any occasion / recipe / appetite. I’m not as good at packing the right amount of clothes / jewelry / hair flowers / shoes / knickknacks / crafting utensils for any trip that will take me away from my house for longer than 3 hours.)

6:00 I arrive at the Institute building in South Jordan. I meet a few people and sit through the meeting.

7:00 The coordinators in charge of the session call me out. They tell me they hate me and to leave immediately and never come back.

7:00 Okay actually that’s not what they said. They just said that they need one more counselor in Ogden and would I be willing to go? I said I could if they could get housing for me.

7:15 I leave Jordan and drive all the way to Ogden. I might have gotten lost once or twice five times. Just for a second.

8:15ish I arrive in Ogden. I get passed around from group to group until I finally find my BC group. They smile nicely at me. I get all the papers I need. I meet the girl I am going to be staying with this week. We smile nicely at each other. She asks me if I would be okay with just sleeping on a couch, and also told me that she is babysitting a turtle this summer, but she broke the tank, and it’s an aquatic turtle, so it is currently swimming around in her bathtub….so we’re going to have to use my downstairs neighbor’s bathroom for showering.

You can imagine how all of this made me feel.

But then, listen, guys. I followed her in my car to her house. And it is literally a 2 minute drive. And it is the cutest house. And the couch is huge, like the size of a twin bed. And she fed me chicken and real-people salad. And she has a puppy which is the cutest thing ever. And her downstairs neighbors are actually just downstairs roommates, so it’s not like I have to walk outside and go in someone else’s house to use the shower. And their shower is nicer than mine is at Raintree.

And I’m happy to be here. 


  1. Yay Ogden! That's my stomping ground!

  2. This says a lot about your willingness to adapt and to be flexible when things don't go as planned. What I am most impressed with is how in the end you came out with a great attitude about it. You're gonna be a great councilor!