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I like that word....

I like that word....

The World is your Oyster

The World is your Oyster

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

All in a Wednesday

Wednesdays are, the worst. You probably don't care....but here's what I did today:

8:05 - Rush into reading class, 5 minutes late.

8:16 - My teacher rushes in, 16 minutes late.

8:16 - Listen, laugh, learn.

9:10 - Leave.

9:30 - Kind of listen to the science lecture and take notes, but mostly just stare at my science teacher's feet. She doesn't wear shoes and it's all I can look at. Except today I also noticed her textured bra making a cute little design on her shirt. She's charming.

10:00 - Alternatively stare at the feet and the bra. Work on some homework for another class.

10:40 - Work on a group project, one of about 18 this week.

10:50 - Heat up oatmeal in the microwave by the vending machines in a bowl I found outside of my science classroom. Eat it with a spork I found on top of the microwave.

10:55 - Get to math class in time to get a laptop. Score! Continue eating oatmeal.

11:00 - Math class begins. We all kind of hum along with this song no one knows about teaching. It's today's Unknown Song of the Day that is apparently in our Hymnal, but is one of the ones that no one has ever sung, ever, and probably not even the angels in heaven know it.

11:05 - Zone out. Start chatting with my mom on google.

11:20 - Wonder how much longer Eula is going to spend talking about grammar.

11:50 - We get to the point of our lesson. We spend 15 minutes crafting a simple addition word problem.

12:10 - Find out the assignment we should be working on for next time. It is a group project. Get to work on it with the 3 people closest to me.

12:20 - My group agrees that even though we are supposed to meet together and work on the project at the same time, using one computer, this is ridiculous. Our schedules don't match up and the assignment is due on Friday. We decide to make a Google Doc and then split up the work.

12:25 - Go to work on another group project. While I am in the computer lab, one of the girls in my group is stricken with a guilty conscience. She frantically txts us, asking when we could possibly meet together. She pastes the part of the syllabus emphasizing that our teacher wants us to meet together on the GoogleDoc. I grit my teeth.

12:50 - Heat up yummy chicken and rice in the microwave by the vending machines. Eat it with a fork I get from the secretary in the advisement center.

1:00 - Go to CPSE. Watch a movie. Appreciate my teacher so much I want to give him a hug.

1:20 - Find out that when my science teacher missed class for a "family emergency" last week, it was because she was getting. . . .married?? Decide emphatically that when I get married I will not tell my class that I am having an emergency and please excuse my absence for one day. No.

1:30 - Remember that my CPSE teacher assigned us another group project last class period. No longer feel like hugging him.

2:20 - Go with Christine to sign a contract at a new apartment. The office is closed.

2:40 - Go home and work on homeworks.

4:00 - Work at the Writing Center.

5:30 - Go to Drama class. Seeing that my teacher is sick with pneumonia, I feel elated thinking we will get out of class early! I txt a friend about getting dinner later.

6:00 - Present a storytelling project. Feel good about it. Feel excited to leave class in maybe an hour, max.

7:00 - My teacher announces that she is feeling strong enough to continue. I panic.

7:15 - I am still in class, but our activity is winding down. Maybe I'll be done by 7:30?

7:30 - Nope. We're playing a name game.

7:45 - Oh, still here. Reviewing the reading.

8:00 - Pick at split ends.

8:10 - Wonder how rude it would be to just get up and leave?

8:20 - Finally I get out of class.

This. Is a long freaking day. I am so excited for the Practicum to start so I don't have to have these Wednesdays anymore!