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I like that word....

I like that word....

The World is your Oyster

The World is your Oyster

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mkay? No way!

Things I Like About Mary Kay meetings:

-my face feels soft afterwards
-I go with Aimee and we are fun together
-I get some fun things for free
-I learn fun facts like that men look younger than women when they both are 65 because men shave and that is a deep exfoliator
-It is a nice time-spender
-I feel powerful when I say "No thank you" even after an hour and a half of intense MK indoctrination
-The JoBros and MiCy provide the background music.

Things that make me not a fan of Mary Kay meetings:

-I get nervous that my face is going to freak out in a few days because of all the stuff I put on it
-Somehow during the time I am in the meeting, my Jimmy John's sandwich gets lost in Aimee's car
-They pressure me to be a MK saleswoman
-They insist throughout the meeting that they are not MK stalkers, but I know they are lying
-They use fear tactics and tell me that my eyelashes will fall out, my skin will sag, and my husband will look younger than me if I don't use their products
-They tell me all about the free trips and cars and diamonds they get for being an MK saleslady and all I hear is the clink of a million coins that paid for those trips thrown at them by stupid women who went to meetings exactly like the one I am currently sitting at and swallowed the fear-psychology-fueled horror stories of ugly women who used to be pretty but didn't use MK so now they are wallowing in their ugliness and getting surgeries that wouldn't have been necessary if they had just used the $80 eye cream
-Sorry about that run-on sentence
-They make me take my makeup off so I will feel too insecure to do anything but agree with them
-Their office is located in possibly the sketchiest building in Spanish Fork and a cat whines and scurries off as I approach, making me think I am in a horror movie.

They invited me back for another meeting next Tuesday. I plan to go because it will also be a nice time-spender, Aimee is going, I will be served desserts and given a free gift, and I know I will again say "No thank you."

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