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I like that word....

I like that word....

The World is your Oyster

The World is your Oyster

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mistakes you Shouldn't Make

I just went to a seminar on Saturday that was about not confusing preferences with fundamentals. The speaker said we should never teach preferences as fundamentals, but we should also never teach fundamentals as preferences. Think about it for a second. Feel the enlightenment wash over you.

Here are some other things you should never do, with regards to mix-ups:

-Mistake the mix-in brownies for free samples of brownies at Coldstone. You won't be the first one if you do, and you probably won't be the last, but we'll still look at you like the only one who ever even thought about doing such a thing.

-Mistake expectations / standards with relationship mind games. You don't need to play games, necessarily, but you do need to have expectations. Sometimes people don't have expectations and it's weird.

-Mistake a CTR ring for a wedding ring.

-Mistake wasabi for guacamole.

-Similarly, you should try not to mistake neosporin for whipped cream when you put it on your finger and realize you have too much and then before you have time to wipe it off, someone offers you a piece of pie and you gratefully accept and eat your whole piece of pie, all the while gingerly holding your finger away from your pie, until the end, when you have forgotten about the neosporin and only remember the delicious pie that you were just fed and you think that is whipped cream on your finger and you eat it and then get really worried that you're going to die.

-Mistake run-on sentences for well-developed ideas.

-Mistake friendliness with flirtiness. Also vice versa. Both mistakes can be embarrassing....for both parties.

-Mistake Jimmer for Obama. Not sure who did that....

-On that note, you should never mistake Faith Hill for Oprah Winfrey. Even if the lighting is weird in the picture. Also not sure who did that. Once. When I was like 12. Whatever.

-Mistake girls who are hard to get with girls who are playing hard to get. One time a guy accused my sister's roommate of playing hard to get, and my sister said, "Maybe we're not playing. Maybe we just are hard to get."

-Mistake busyness for standoffishness. There's no need to get all miffed if the girl you are interested in is kind of hard to get ahold of, or hard to get a date with. She's probably not a heartless bee who is surely playing you. Maybe she's just really awesome :)

-Mistake a guy and a girl who are really good friends for a couple. A wedding isn't the only excuse to buy a suit, even though it is a good one.

-Mistake Courtney for someone who is sweet and genuine.

Real Courtney.

Fake Courtney!!

And finally, please don't:

-Mistake Ben for a really awesome, clever, to-die-for gentleman. He is a clown. His hair is a sin. He looks like Francine. From Arthur.

And on that note about ineligible bachelors, here is a wonderful song:

And I couldn't agree more :)


  1. HA! I LOVED this! You're going to have to tell me more about this suit buying experience...

  2. bwahahaa!! I lovee this post! and Ben totes does look like Francine! and I havee mixed up wasabi and guacamole. It was horrible.

    1. It is the worst thing ever!! I did it at Tucano's. Anywhere else and my experience probably would have been ruined....but it was tucano's, so I was actually fine like 3 minutes later.