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I like that word....

I like that word....

The World is your Oyster

The World is your Oyster

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Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Collection of Sample Spoons

Something happened tonight at Coldstone that I HAVE to talk about right now.

It was about an hour before close and we had just finished with a huge rush of people. Two couples came in for some ice-cream. Amanda, who I was working with, told me that it was her brother and his girlfriend and her brother's girlfriend's older brother and his girlfriend. Since I always help Kelly and Dahl when they come in, I hung back to let Amanda help her brother. While she got his ice cream, I watched as his girlfriend acquired sample spoon after sample spoon. She just kept trying more flavors! I wondered if she would ever make up her mind.

Then, Amanda's brother's girlfriend's brother stepped forward. (Wow, that was confusing. We'll just call him Gray, since he was wearing a gray shirt.) Gray stepped forward. He looked more decisive than his sister, so I told him I could help him.

Here is the conversation that followed:

me: Hi, what can I get for you tonight?
gray: Um, actually can I try the cake batter first?
me: Sure! *handing him a sample of cake batter*
gray: *eating his sample*
gray: Okay. Can I actually try all the flavors?
me: *certain I heard him wrong* What?
gray: Like, would that be possible, can I get a sample of all of the flavors?
me: *blinking*
gray: Do people usually do that?


Has anyone in the little audience of my blog ever ever ever gone into an ice cream place and sampled every single flavor? Have you ever seen someone else sampling every flavor? No. People don't do that.

Back to the conversation:

me: Oh, I've never had anyone ask me if they could try every flavor before....why don't you just pick like a few that you really want to try?
gray: Okay. All of them?

What? No! Were you not listening? I said to pick a few!

me: Um....I'll give you samples of all my favorites.

I gave him a sample of my three favorite kinds and crossed my fingers that he would decide. At some point while he was trying one of my suggestions, his sister came over, still holding her eight sample spoons. (If you think I am exaggerating when I say that she had eight sample spoons, let me assure you, I am not.)

sister: What are you doing? Don't make her job hard! Just pick one!
me: *torn between being grateful that she was trying to correct him and being annoyed at her blatant hypocrisy*
gray: Can I try blueberry? And cheesecake? And chocolate peanut butter?
me: *getting all three samples*
sister: Brother! Why do you have to get so many samples?
me: *trying not to gawk at her collection of sample spoons*
gray: I just have to try them before I can make a decision. Can I try your mint? And also the harvest peach.
sister: You are soooo indecisive! You're making her job really hard for her. Don't make her job harder than it is.
me: *walking off to wash my spades again because dealing with customers just got way too hard*

And then, do you think he got a Love it with six mix-ins and a waffle bowl? No. He did not. He got a Like it of two different flavors with one thing mixed in.

Then he walked off with his Like it Creation and his ten (again, not an exaggeration) sample spoons.

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