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My name is Heather.

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I love my life. How could I not?

The world is my oyster :)
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I like that word....

I like that word....

The World is your Oyster

The World is your Oyster

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Here's what I love:


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Friday, July 16, 2010

Here's What I Like:

Food, and boys. They are two of my favorite things in the whole world. They just make everything better. When I see them combined, I can hardly contain my excitement. Boys should know, just right now, that girls like food. If she pretends she doesn't like eating, she either has an eating disorder or else she has never tasted good food. In either case, you can pretend that it is your personal obligation to cure her. She will appreciate you forever, and probably marry you and cook for you. And you two will live happily ever after. You're welcome.

Sometimes, couples come into Coldstone, on a date. I like to figure out which date it is, how it's going, etc., just by watching how they interact with each other. If it is the first date, or maybe the second or third, the boy will either order first so the girl can follow his example. If he lets the girl order first, there is usually some variation of the phrase, "Ladies first!" "No, youu go ahead." "Get whatevvver you want."

Typically, the girl is trying to impress the boy, so she doesn't want to get a piggish amount of ice cream. So she orders a Like it size. This is where I come in! I say my line, about how the Love it is only 30 cents more than a Like it, and are you sure you don't want that? Then I watch the boy.

If he jumps in and says, "Do it! Get the Love it! She wants the Love it" (biggg smile at me), then I approve, and I root for him all the way from the stone to the register. Because I like food. And this boy understands that girls like food, and they like being fed!

A few days ago, I was walking towards the Wilk, very purposefully. I don't remember what I was doing, but it was very important. Actually, I was probably on my way to get food. I didn't want to be interrupted. Then, the only thing that could interrupt me without arousing my irritation did just that.

"Excuse me! Hi! Can I talk to you for just a second?" I looked around. A cute boy was looking directly at me. Oh, hiiii. Food forgotten, I stopped walking and he started talking. He had pretty eyes. He was saying something about a giant water balloon fight that is coming up. He wanted as many people as possible to be there. I was concentrating more on how pretty his eyes were than on anything that he was saying until I heard this word: "lunch."

I suddenly snapped to attention. "Lunch?" I asked.

"Yeah," he said, "And it'll be the world's biggest water balloon fight, so we need your help! Bring all your friends, invite everyone you know...."

"What kind of lunch?" I asked.

" lunch, I don't know?" he said.

Free food! I was thrilled. A cute boy was talking to me about free food! I tried to listen. I really did. But then....oh. Now he wasn't talking about food anymore. He was back to talking about how to invite friends.

"Do you know what the free lunch is?" I tried to clarify. He gave me kind of strange look. I'm not sure why, because I think that is the question that was on everyone's mind when he talked to them about this event. "I'm not sure. It will be good though! So be there!" I nodded agreeably.

Dear Boy with the Pretty Eyes, I will be at your water balloon fight if (a) you are there too, and (b) you are feeding me free food.


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