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I like that word....

The World is your Oyster

The World is your Oyster

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Trip to the Delly

You know how sometimes, two people are perfect for each other? And the more you find out about them, the more you realize that they really fit nicely? And they're kinda like two parts of a whole?

Oh. Here's an example :) 

Kelly and Dahl (Delly, when you put them together) are married. And they just happen to be perfect for each other for lots of reasons, but one of those reasons is that Kelly was born on May 20 and Dahl was born on May 21. So now they celebrate their birthdays together :)

Kelly is such a stupendous person! I can't remember a time when we weren't friends. We've been buddies since we were little, and I think since even before that. 

Whenever we are together, we laugh a ton. I think we think each other is so funny because we have similar senses of humor, but maybe it is because we actually are both really funny? You decide.

Kelly is the perfect person to be the oldest sibling because she is a peacemaker. Plus, everyone loves her and wants her attention whenever she is home. She is just nice and encouraging! 

Kelly always tells me I am a good writer, and I'll be a good teacher, and that she loves my blog. She encourages me with boys and with anything else. Her support means a lot to me!

When Kelly got engaged, I was the first person to find out! Dahl called me that day to tell me that he was going to propose, but I sneakily kept it a secret. I helped Kelly curl her hairs and then they went to get engaged :) And then they named me the MOH and you know I was pumped about that!

When we were little, we took sewing lessons and made these gems. Obviously, we were (are) super-cool. 

Having a sister you are so close to makes things interesting when she decides to get married. But if you are lucky, (and what about this blog would make you think I am not lucky?) then your new brother-in-law can become an honorary brother to you in a lot of ways. 

Dahl is PUMPED to be married to Kelly. He loves and supports her, and that is a good reminder to me of how I want my husband to be. 

Dahl is also nice to me! Sometimes when I was in Florida, I would call them and tell them all about the boys in Florida, or my job, or my friends, and they would give me advices and laugh at my stories. 

Dahl is fun to complain to because he humors and agrees with me. I remember one time when I was complaining about campaigners at work and he totally joined in. He was completely on my side, and I appreciated that. 

One time, Dahl wrote a really nice letter to me. I still have it because it was so nice :) He is very sincere, and I don't ever wonder how he is feeling. I also appreciate that because I know he is not fake. He is also thoughtful about people, and I like hearing his insights and psycho analyses. 

Happy birthday, cute people! 


  1. I love the third picture up! I didn't even know it existed! It is so cute!
    And I love this blogpost! I agree with all of it :) Kelly is such a hot commodity and so fun to be around and Dahlpal is just the nicest to me all the time and I love it!

  2. THANK YOU!!!! I just read this!!! I love it :) Dahl will too!! Love you, so glad we are sisters :)