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I like that word....

I like that word....

The World is your Oyster

The World is your Oyster

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Monday, May 7, 2012

The Price is Right

California is the home of many famous people. One of those people is named Drew Carey, and he is famous because he hosts TV shows. One of those TV shows is "The Price is Right." If you've never seen it, it's a show where all these people win cars and BBQ grills and tons of money. I need a car for next semester, so this was my plan for how to get one. 

Unfortunately, cars are never free, even when you win one on TV. Even when Oprah gives one to everyone in the audience. Our chance at winning a car cost us our sleep. 

Kimmy and Tyler got to California at about midnight, and we looked up information on the show. Everyone online advised us to be in line at the studio by at least 4. They insisted that anyone who showed up any later hadn't even gotten in the studio. The line was around the block by 3. If we didn't get in line by 2, we would be fed to crocodiles for our tardiness. Etc.

We took turns taking naps and showering and getting ready. Then, at 4:30, we drove to the studio.

There were three people in line. I know, I know. It is shocking that everything on the internet is not 100% accurate. Weird.

We got in line behind the.....crazed mob.....set up our lawn chairs, and started taking pictures.

For some reason, I didn't feel tired enough to sleep. So I just sat there and chatted and txtd and watched the sun rise and got all excited about winning my car. (*Side note - the whole time we were getting ready and sitting and waiting, I thought it was really funny to keep saying, "You get a car! You get a car! And you get a car!" like Oprah. Do you think that's funny? Cuz I did.)

The rest of the morning is a little bit of a blur, but includes the following:

-Entering the girls bathroom and encountering a grown man who was....waiting for his mom?
-And leaving. And waiting for him to leave before re-entering. 
-Getting interviewed by Sexy-man Stan, the producer. His picture is below. 

Our interview went something like this:

Stan: Hi, Heather. How are you doing?
Me: !!!!! Oh! Good, how are you? (smiling like a crazy person....)
Stan: Good, good. And what is it you do?
Me: I teach! I'm a student! I go to....I....okay. Ha sorry! I'm a student at BYU, but I'm going to be a 2nd grade teacher in August. 
Stan: Okay, so you're not teaching til August, that means you have lots of time to watch The Price is Right?
Me: Oh! Yeah! I do!
Stan: Yeah? 
Me: Yeah!
Stan: What's your favorite game on the show?
Me: (I have never seen a single episode.) Plinko! (I barely heard this word mere hours before my interview....)
Stan: Oh yeah, what do you like about it?
Me: (I have heard about it?) I just like it, it's so fun to say. Plinko! You know? 
Stan: Yeah, what's not to like about a game where you don't have to do anything but drop something and hope you win, right?
Me: Yeah!
Stan: Okay, well maybe we'll get you up on the show for some Plinko-playing. 
Me: That would be great!
Stan: (on the next person). 

Our morning also included:

-Sharing a $10 hamburger and fries. We called it our entrance fee and felt a little better, since getting into the show was free. 
-Having a huge back-scratching fest and napping all over each other before being let into the studio. 
-Laughing at the guys sitting across from us who were obviously impressed and a little baffled by Steve's steeze, as he was the token male in a group of 3 girls and it looked like all of them constantly wanted him to sit by them / talk to them / scratch their backs....
-Getting my scissors confiscated until the end of the show.

H: Winnie was the mom in Las Vegas
Ch: I was the mom at Disney
H: I can be the mom at the beach!
S: Who's your daddy??

-Seeing the studio in real life and almost dying because it was so dang cute. 
-Needing to pee. Sooooo, frick-innn, ba-ad. 
-Dancing around to YMCA, Dynamite, All I do is Win, and other wonderful songs to get us pumped about winning. 
-Being sat in the FRONT ROW, right behind the contestant pulpits, what's uppp!?
-Sitting 5 feet away from this guy (below)

-Discovering that that guy is kind of rude in real life....and feeling a little less dazzled. 
-Kind of falling in love with this guy:
He is the announcer guy. He was wearing a white suit with a pink shirt and looked so fly, and was way nicer than Drew!

**IMPORTANT!!! If you want to see me on TV, or my friends, or that guy in the picture above who I kind of fell in love with, our show will be airing on MAY 10th, 2012. And our faces will be all up on your screen. And you will feel a little more famous, because you know me. And I'm not sure, but you might see me smack a stranger's butt. But the details are a little fuzzy. So maybe that didn't happen. There's only one way to find out!**

To continue, the afternoon included:

-Walking dazedly out of the studio and into the sunlight. 
-Somehow making our way back to the car and back to Steve's house. 
-Napping on a merry-go-round bed: as soon as one person was done showering, they woke up the next person and took their spot on the bed. 
-Going to Universal City Walk for dinner at Bucca di Beppo and eating the best meal any of us has ever experienced! 

-Leaving Bucca di Beppo to run around City Walk and take the following pictures:


The boys were actually really good at humoring us with these pictures. They just kept taking them and throwing out suggestions and encouragement. And the picture above was taken through someone's you know that is real commitment to a craft.

The roads in La Canda are pretty windy and curvy, and because of that, conversations like this happen:

W: Steve, are you taking us to a lookout point?
S: Oh! Do you guys want to go to one?

W: I can't believe Steve's taking us all to a lookout point right now. 
H: Yeah, I feel like we need some sort of initiation ceremony....
Ch: Ahhh! (scrabbling at the car door handle, trying to get out)

H: How do you know about this lookout point?
W: Yeah, how many girls have you kissed up here?
S: Actually, I don't think I've.....ever kissed a girl up here. (Totally unconcerned)

Later, while we're at the lookout point....

C: Okay, Steve. If you really want to say you've kissed someone up here, you can kiss me on the cheek. 
S: I'm alright.....
(Everyone dying of laughter as we get back in the car)

S: Do you want to go up higher?
H: Oh yeah, Christine might make out with you if we go any higher!

In conclusion, it was a lovely lookout point. And we all kept our spit to ourselves. 

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