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I like that word....

The World is your Oyster

The World is your Oyster

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Friday, April 30, 2010


In my psychology class last year, we learned that there are about 7 "slots" in your short-term, or working memory. That means that if given a big long list, most people can only remember 7 of the things on the list. If they group them, then they can only remember 7 of the groups of things on the list. Studies have been done. Some people say we have more like 4 slots in our working memory,

I disagree. I'm thinking way more than 4 things right now. Maybe I'm an anomaly, but judging from my grades this semester, which I just saw, I don't think that's correct. I'm actually incredibly average.

This is me trying to unload my whole entire brain into one blog post.

1. I've been working a lot recently. ColdStone operates on a set schedule, meaning that every week, you work on the same days, as the same times. The schedule changes every few weeks. Since I am going home for most of May and a little bit of June, I wasn't given any shifts this rotation. So now I just fill in for people. I've been getting a lot of calls, so I have actually worked every day this week. It's just nice because I kind of get to pick when I work. There's no reallll obligation, and people are immensely grateful when I cover for them so they can go to fill-in-the-blank. Prom. Grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary. Graduation. Michael Buble concert.

I love working at ColdStone, absolutely love it. It's not that hard. At first I think I was really overwhelmed, but I learned quickly and now I'm pretty good at everything. My proudest moment came when I was teaching a new boy how to do something on the register and the customer asked if I was a manager. I said no and they said I should be and gave us a tip. I might have been blushing for the rest of the day. Who's to say.

Here are some things I like about working at ColdStone:

a. the people. I think I should dedicate a whole post to all the people who work at ColdStone. I can't think of anyone I work with that I actually dislike. There was one girl, but she went home for the summer and Jackie said she won't be hired again when she comes back. I guess I wasn't the only one who didn't like her! But besides her, I love everyone. To work at ColdStone, you have to be funny and cheerful and friendly, which is great. There's just a good atmosphere there, and I can tell that everyone really likes me, too. Sorry if that sounds's just because everyone is so nice and everyone likes everyone else.

b. the employee discount. I get 50% off and it is awesomee. I think that's enough about that.

c. making cakes. Some people don't like making cakes, but I love it. It's my favorite job at ColdStone. Today Sandee (my manager) sent out a mass txt saying that if anyone could come in to make cakes, it would be greatly appreciated. I showed up expecting to see hordes of people and discovered that I was the only one who had come to make cakes. I was thrilled! I spent five hours making cake after cake. It was splendid.

d. the customers. The thing about working at an ice cream store is that your customers are almost always happy. I have not had a single customer be rude to me. The line can get pretty long at ColdStone, and people will still be so happy to get their ice cream and pay for it. And they'll tip. Sometimes, cute boys come into ColdStone, and that is my favorite. I will try to calculate exactly how long I should spend on the customer I'm helping at the moment in order to be the one who gets to help the cute boys. There is a surprisingly high number of boys who come in without dates, which is fine with me. But really. I see about as many boys on dates with other boys as I see boys on dates with girls. I love when kids come in, too. Except when it's late and they're crying. Then I just want to tell their parents, "Put your child in beddd, they don't need ice cream at 10:18 at night. They're tired!" I will never understand the frustrated, red-faced mothers who grab their child's wrist, shove them at the counter, and say, "Which kind do you want, the blue one? Okay, tell the lady. Do you want ice cream? Okay. He wants the cotton candy. Gummy bears? Do you want gummy bears? Yes or no!?" I'm just like, "Why are you here. Why? Thank you for your patronage, but why are you force-feeding ice cream to your child when they should have been in bed two hours ago?"

e. when people come and visit me. It honestly makes my day. My favorite customers are Kelly and Dahl.

f. the music. It is important to me that wherever I work has a good playlist. I have to sing. There's not a whole lot of variety in the songs that play at ColdStone, but that just means I can get to know the songs that do play reallyy well.

Okay, that's enough about ColdStone.

2. I'm also thinking a lot about my ex-roommates. It makes me sad to call them that, but that's just kind of what they are. I love them a lot. Since moving out less than a week ago, I have slept over at Chelsea's new apartment twice because I miss her too much. On our last night together, Chelsea, Aimee and I brought our mattresses out to the living room and all slept together. Crystal and Connor joined us and Connor gave everyone henna tattoos. I've never had one and they were instantly addicting. I got three because I was so excited about it. We all sat there and talked about first impressions of each other and what we liked about each other. Crystal and I are both staying in Raintree, but she's staying in 321 and I'm moving in with Kelly. Chelsea and Christine both moved to the Colony and Aimee is moving.....somewhere else. Far away from me. Even though we all love each other and get along so well, we just ended up going separate ways. So I'm sad, but it was a good way to end the year.

3. I'm thinking how happy I am that this semester is over. I hated it, hated it. I liked one of my classes. Okay actually I liked three of my classes. But it was my hardest semester yet and it was cold and I was trying to figure out how to juggle a job and classes and I lost my gumption for a second and it was just super-frustrating. There were so many nights that I stayed up until 5 in the morning working on homework, and so many weeks that I had 5 tests all scheduled at once. And it wasn't even rewarding. I didn't enjoy my classes as much as I always have before. I was so ready for the semester to be over.

4. I'm thinking about how excited I am to go home and see everyone. My sister Sarah is getting baptized the day after we fly in, and I'm so excited to be there for that. Plus, Nicole is giving the speech at her graduation and that's going to be AWESOME. She's so adorable and I know she'll do such a great job!

I can't wait to see Malan and Owen, either. I nannied for them last summer and will be nannying for them while I'm home. They are so freaking cute and I really love them so much. Like, I would jump in front of a bus for them, I'm not even kidding. I'm more protective of them than almost anyone else. Here's an example.

Owen has a birthmark on one side of his face and last summer he was getting laser treatments to make it go away. The laser treatments would make his face really splotchy for about a week and then it would fade a little bit more each time. Anyway, one day last summer we were on a walk (probably to the post office) and this huge, probably 21 or 22-yr old guy smoking a cigarette glanced down at Owen and said to me, "What happened to dat baby's face?" I didn't even realize what he was talking about for a second and got really concerned that Owen was hurt or something. When I remembered that he has a birthmark, I got really indignant. I said, "Oh. It's a birthmark." The guy didn't nod understandingly. Instead, one corner of his mouth drew up in a grimace as he took another critical look at the baby in the stroller. He was at least a foot taller than me and probably weighed about triple what I do, but I really almost punched him in his puffy cheek, I was so mad. Instead, I grabbed Malan's hand and marched across the street. In that second after his ignorant question, I thought of several things to say. "What happened to your face?" "Probably his mom smoked when he was a baby" (he was smoking a cigarette). "His face looks a hell of a lot better than your's."

I didn't say any of those things because of Malan. She didn't even know a confrontation was going on. Besides that, Owen did have a distinctive birth mark. People were probably going to ask questions later on, too, and I didn't want Malan to think it was something to be ashamed of or get mad about. People just didn't know. I wanted her to see how to respond civilly to that kind of thing, without getting flustered.

Nannying was one of the best parts of my summer last year. I learned so much from Malan and Owen and I really reallyy love them. I'm excited to do it again this summer!

5. I'm thinking a lot about relationships. Here's my thing. I'm really picky. Like reallyy picky. And little things can make or break the deal. For instance, if....hypothetically, of course....I was dating a boy, and everything seemed to be going perfectly well, but then I found out that he didn't like snakes, that could be enough for me to stop liking him altogether. Hypothetically. Because it's actually not the fact that he doesn't like snakes that is bothering me. It's the fact that I do like snakes, and he's afraid of them, so I'm the manlier one. Even if he's the one asking me on dates. I'm still the one who would hypothetically be fighting off the boa constrictors that hypothetically attacked our house when we were hypothetically married. I can't be the manlier one in a relationship, I just can't. And I'm not asking that much. I am really girly. I don't like bugs. I have pink blankets, pillows, picture frames, book bags, moccasins, and hair accessories. I love boys. I listen to Taylor Swift, Hannah Montana, the Jonas Brothers, and Justin Bieber--probably the girliest playlist you have ever heard. If I am the man in a relationship, there is a problem.

Another example. If, hypothetically, I am dating a boy, and he makes a shape. Out of, say, a grapefruit peel. And he says it's supposed to look like a puppy, but hypothetically, all I can see is something way dirtier than a puppy, and he hypothetically can't see it, then there's another problem. Because boys are really dirty. And if I am the more inappropriate one, then there is definitely another problem.

And hypothetically, I wouldn't be able to handle that, either.

6. I'm also thinking about sales tax. Does the state or the federal government decide how much it is?

7. I'm also considering getting some crocs for work. I really hate crocs. Like, I haaaate them. I think they are the ugliest effing shoes ever invented. But I need some shoes that I hate for work. My feet are always getting wet from the spadewell and from doing dishes and I would love to not care. I would feel like I was going against one of my strongest convictions--I am religious in my hatred of crocs--but I might just have to.

8. I'm thinking about other jobs I should get. I really want to work at Color Me Mine, but I'm also considering a flower shop, since I took a floral design class. I also hear that it's good to work for the US Census, but I'm not sure if they'd hire me since I won't be here for all of May. I'm just going to try to apply when I get back.

9. I'm also thinking about how exhausting feelings really are. On Tuesday, I was having a lot of feelings. Way too many. I went in to work at 5 and told everyone that it was "Feelings Day." I was the only girl, working with four boys, and they were all thrilled to participate in Feelings Day. It was a very positive response. I guess everyone has feelings and they all wanted to talk about them. Furthermore, they were more than happy to listen to my feelings, which was just what I needed. I thought I would feel better after Feelings Day, but it was actually quite draining. I slept until 3 on Wednesday. I think this was a direct result of Feelings Day.

10. Music snobs. Perfectly nice people can be music snobs. Most of the time, music snobs are snobs about classics. New music is not good music, in their minds. "Mainstream" is a terrible insult. If it's on the radio, it's probably not very good. Well, why not? Just because the lyrics aren't deep. Maybe they're a little superficial. Maybe the song is just for fun. So why do you have to be hating on it? This attitude bothers me.

11. Missionaries. Should write letters on their p-days. I should be getting a letter soon. Ohmy I think I'm going to throw up, I'm so nervous.

12. Impulse buys aren't always bad. I made two two nights ago that have proven quite useful. Dahl, Kelly, and I went to Walmart after I got home from ColdStone and Feelings Day was winding down. I still had lots of feelings. So I talked about them a lot as I walked through the aisles, looking from side to side, battering my cart around in search of anything I might ever want to eat. I ended up buying lots of food and a green sandwich container with a dinosaur on the lid and a princess beach towel. These were impulse buys. I almost bought a hot wheels sheet cake, too. Then I didn't. It's probably better that I left that on the shelf. But I am glad that I bought my sandwich container and my beach towel. I've already used the sandwich container. I will use my beach towel almost every day this summer, since I'm determined to get tan, and every minute that I'm not working will be spent by the pool. I'm not even joking.

13. This apartment needs toilet paper.

14. I hope NIH calls me back.

15. I should play the piano more.

16. I miss my black tenta.

17. I need to catch up on Gossip Girl.

18. My mail key got stuck in the mailbox today. I had to call maintenance. It was slightly embarrassing. And I didn't even get a letter.

19. I went to lunch with Winnie, Chelsea, and Christine this afternoon. We went to Guru's. It was my first time and it was quite good. I love these girls. I wore Chelsea's pants. We all shared food even though Chelsea has a bit of a sore throat. I like food. I thought my dish was good. Even though Chelsea said it tasted like an old man. (And I kind of agreed with her).

20. I picked my wedding colors -- pink and blue. I told my mom and she said those were her wedding colors too. I guess I am my mother's daughter.

21. I hope that I'm here when, at some point in the summer, there is no snow in the mountains.

22. I write really long blog posts.

23. My right arm is getting a bigger muscle than my left arm, because I work at ColdStone.

OK I think that's enough. Is anyone still reading?? I'd be very impressed.


  1. ohmigoshhh i wrote a post like this one time and i think ima write one again right now because this was sooo hilarious. you are too cute :)

  2. I must admit I read all of this and realized how much I miss being bffs with you :)It made me reminisce about our elementary and middle school days. Oh and I also despise crocs and they most definitely are the ugliest effing shoes ever made. Hope you're having fun now that you're not in school!

  3. nicole, i would love for you to write a rambling blog! i love reading your posts.

    monica, do you have a blog?? i'm so happy you read mine! life is way funner now that the semester is over. if i get crocs i hope you still want to be my friend haha!