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I like that word....

I like that word....

The World is your Oyster

The World is your Oyster

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Muppets, Makeouts, and Minions

It has been said that good things happen in threes. (Bad things too, but let's ignore that.) This last weekend, I can name at LEAST three good things that happened to me! Let's go in order:

1. Three sisters reunited. Nicool came to visit! She is the third child in our family and also my third-favorite sibling. Haha just kidding....I could never have a favorite since they are all way too awesome! Anyway, she got here on Friday afternoon. Since we met up on campus, we had to walk by the HFAC on the way back to my apartment and took an impromptu trip to the art exhibit.

I took some pictures of Nicole there, but they aren't on facebook so what can ya do. We then started walking back to my humble abode. It wasn't awkward at all when we ran into this boy Nicole really wanted to set me up on a date with on the way back to said abode....

2. Three-course meal. We met up with Kelly just before getting to my abode at the finest dining corner in all of Provo. There we introduced Nicool (the foreigner) to the local cuisine with a delicious dinner of one J-dawg, one savory crepe, and one sweet crepe. It is fun eating with two sisters because you get more variety in your meal and because it is fun eating with your sisters!

3. Three-game win. The Cougars faced the Tigers in volleyball this weekend, and we were privileged to be in attendance for two of the three games won by the Cougars. We cheered and danced around. I love when volleyballers are scrappy, and the Cougars were very scrappy. I was digging all the digs. (It's fine if you groaned when you read that....)

The caption for this picture says: "The BYU men's volleyball team is back and ready for action in 2012." I, too, am back and ready for action, so it was just a great time had by all.

4. Three-year-old fans. Cosmo the Cougar is probably the same hotness as the volleyball team. Nicole was overcome when she saw him. She screamed about how she needed a picture with him and ran over, smile and camera ready. The people gathered around Cosmo saw her coming - at least, the lucky ones did. They saw the passion in her eyes. They knew they needed to evacuate. I didn't get a picture, but one of them looked kind of like this little girl:

She was one of the lucky ones. The rest were pushed unceremoniously out of the way as Nicole elbowed her way to Cosmo as if it was Black Friday and he was a $129.99 flat-screen TV. Cosmo turned to Nicole. It was a magical moment when their eyes met. Cosmo dropped to the ground and said:

Nicole couldn't respond. Cosmo stood up and gave her a hug. I got the camera ready and looked up just in time to see Cosmo kissing my sister. Verrrrry passionately. !!!!! Welcome to Utah, Nicole :)

The happy couple calmed down long enough for me to take this picture:
And then DahlPal took one with Kelly and me, too.

5. Three-sister couch. Three sisters sitting on a couch watching Surf's Up can turn into three sisters with their legs draped all over each other and insisting that The Husband take a picture of their cuteness.

And that was just Day 1 of our awesome weekend! Stay tuned for muppets and minions.....and much, much more :)

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  1. You have no idea how much this made me laugh. I love you guys so much!!! I'll be there soon <3