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I like that word....

I like that word....

The World is your Oyster

The World is your Oyster

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lost and.....not found :(

So when you are an elementary school teacher, you need to have a plan book. This plan book is where you put all of your lessons, the seating chart for your classroom, the schedule for the day, everything. I had one last semester and used it perfectly, just like I was supposed to. Then I put it somewhere where it would be really easy to find it this semester, since I was going to need it again.

Does anyone know where that place might be?

I looked around today for it. My search started out pretty casual as I skipped through my room, glancing here and there. After a few minutes it became a little bit more methodical. When I still couldn't find it, I became annoyed, and then frantic. I went through every box, bag, and tupperware container in my closet. I moved everything out from under my bed. I checked in all of my dresser drawers.

I found:

*five rotten, dry, hard, deformed clementines. They had to be at least 8 months old.
*a long-sleeved shirt I'd been missing
*a sweater dress I'd been missing
*2 pairs of never-been-worn boots still in their boxes with the tissue paper around them
*1 pair of black Sunday shoes, similarly in a box with tissue paper
*my bottom retainer
*my sleep mask that I sometimes wear
*some face wash I got in the summer.
*some shirts that belong to a friend from freshman year
*a moth that was way too friendly. IHATEMOTHS.
*a math textbook that I thought I just hadn't gotten
*2 empty never-been-used 3-ring binders
*a prom dress (another thing I have never worn)
*a long-lost stash of tampons
*my 72-hr food kit from freshman year
*1 spiral notebook with like 4 dividers that has not a single word written in it
*a necklace
*a mirror Sarah made for me
*I think that's it.

Are you wondering where my plan book is on that list?

......Me too :( I'm also wondering where it is in real life.

Guys, I don't know how this happened. I have moved how many times since freshman year? Not only have I moved apartments in Provo - let's not forget that I have been home for the summer, or a large chunk of it, every year. I also lived in Florida for 4 months so I am really not sure how I overlooked these things and re-found them just now. It's not annoying that I'm re-finding long-lost items, just that everything I have hoarded since Freshman Year is suddenly resurfacing and my plan book, which I need tomorrow and which I had last semester, is nowhere to be found.

In happier news, I'm so excited about fourth grade! I love it already. I will post more on how great today was with my class later. If anyone has any advice, I'd love to hear it!

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